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Thinphetamine is a weight loss product that is produced by the company VyoTech. There is no official website for Thinphetamine, but we are given product information regarding Thinphetamine by those selling it online. They claim that Thinphetamine will help users to lose weight, as well as increase energy levels, and make a user more mentally alert. Some of the main active ingredients in Thinphetamine are Bitter Orange Extract, Green Tea Extract and Guarana Extract. Those who know anything about ingredients in weight loss products will of course know that Green Tea Extract has
become one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss products on the market today. Bitter Orange Extract is now used by a large number of manufacturers of weight loss products, since many manufacturers think it is a safe alternative to Ephedrine. However a number of experts now believe that Bitter Orange Extract can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack, similar to the potent stimulant that it is intended to replace.


The ingredients in Thinphetamine include: Bitter Orange Extract, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger Extract, Green Tea Extract, Kola Nut, Guarana Extract, L-Tyrosine, Willow Bark and Yohimbe.

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Thinphetamine can be ordered directly from online stores at a price of $29.95 for 30 capsules. These online stores do not give any contraindications for this product, but there are certainly some ingredients in Thinphetamine which could cause some safety issues for people with certain existing health problems. Thinphetamine should not be taken by anyone who has any kind of heart or blood pressure problems or any kind of a family history of these problems. Anyone who is taking aspirin or any kind of blood thinning drugs should not take Thinphetamine due to the inclusion of Willow Bark. Thinphetamine also includes a number of stimulants and so is unlikely to be suitable for anyone who has any kind of anxiety disorder. If you do decide to give Thinphetamine a try you may also want to cut down on the amount of coffee that you drink if it is a serious daily habit.

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  • Thinphetamine can be ordered online.
  • It does not contain Ephedrine.
  • There is a full ingredients list available for Thinphetamine.


  • A number of experts believe that Bitter Orange Extract has a number of health risks associated with it.
  • On line shops selling Thinphetamine do not list the contraindications for this product.
  • It should not be taken by anyone who is using aspirin.
  • Thinphetamine is not suitable for anyone who has heart or blood pressure problems.
  • The stimulant Yohimbe has also been linked to serious health risks.


At the end of the day the ingredients in Thinphetamine can be found in a whole host of other weight loss products on the market today, and a couple of them are deemed risky by medical professionals. Both bitter orange extract and yohimbe are considered dangerous, especially to anyone who has a record of blood pressure or heart condtions. Also we would like to see online shops selling Thinphetamine listing the warnings associated with this product. Certainly due to the ingredients it contains we believe that anyone wishing to try Thinphetamine should first seek their family physicians opinion.

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