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People are looking for a fast solution to losing weight. The Three Day Diet would seem to be this solution. It is easy to follow, structured, and not a diet that needs to be followed for a certain amount of time. The diet first appeared in 1985, promoted as a quick way to lose ten pounds in three days. It is still passed around today, especially by e-mail, and some that use it swear that the diet works quite well. The idea of the diet is eating lean foods and cutting out unhealthy things, so there is definitely a positive side to this diet. There are, however, drawbacks and a restricted diet such as the three day diet should not be followed for long.

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The meal plan that gets passed around with this diet is very simple. It basically consists of grains, lean protein, vegetables, and unsweetened beverages. Though it is not a low-carb diet, the three day diet drastically cuts carbohydrates, allowing some ice cream, fruit, and toast, but not many other kinds of carbohydrates. The meals can be boring and unappetizing. One breakfast is a piece of toast with just a tablespoon of peanut butter. Lunch might be something like tuna or cottage cheese, and is limited to one item. Dinner has much more variety, allowing vanilla ice cream for dessert. Coffee and tea are allowed, but sugar and creamer are not.

Because of the reduction in carbohydrates, weight loss on the three day diet will be quick, but possibly because of water weight. This diet is also low-calorie, so following it for any length of time will help one lose weight. The problem however, is that restricting foods so dramatically on this diet could lead to a feeling of freedom after the three days are done and a desire to splurge on junk food. If one were to follow this diet and eat a larger variety of healthy foods on the days where one does not follow the meal plan, good results could come. The three day diet is difficult for most to follow long term, and it does not focus on overall good nutrition. It may be possible to cycle the diet, following for three days each week and eating one’s regular diet the rest of the week. The problem lies in that the weight loss most likely comes from losing water instead of fat.

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  • Is not a crash diet; the foods chosen are more or less whole and healthy.
  • Reportedly can lead to 10 pounds of weight loss within three days.


  • Not enough variety of food.
  • Does not aim for a healthy lifestyle; is a quick-fix solution.
  • Promotes weight loss, but not necessarily fat loss.
  • Difficult to follow.


The Three Day Diet is a diet that is passed around as a secret to weight loss, but there are no documents supporting it. While not necessarily a fad diet, this diet is hard to follow. The very limited menu gets boring quickly, and it may lead dieters to turn to their normal comfort foods because of their boredom. It is better to follow a healthy lifestyle than follow a quick fix like the three day diet.

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  • 1

    Is it ok to drink sparkling or seltzer water on this plan?


  • 2
    Carol Glanton

    is it ok to use no sugar added vanilla ice cream rather than ice cream with sugar?


  • 3
    Carol Glanton

    today is my first day on the 3 day military diet. Is using no sugar added vanilla ice cream ok to use? We have a dietbetic in the house and this is the kind of ice craem we have. Bryers no sugar added vanilla ice cream. 80 calories per serving.


  • 4

    I was on this diet years ago and lost a great deal of weight. Now I am older and wonder if I will have the same fantastic results. I am 53 tears old now and am sure my metabolism is slower. Will This make a difference from being in my 30′s when i went on it before?