Three-Day Fruit Flush Detox Diet Review

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The Three-Day Fruit Flush Detox Diet was created by Jay Robb who is a clinical nutritionist with more than thirty years of experience in the field. His personal company began a line of protein powders and makes other products including a line of best-selling books. Robb also has a variety of diet plans that are marketed on his website and through online retailers and stores across the country.

The Three-Day Fruit Flush Detox Diet claims to help dieters lose up to nine pounds in just three days. According to the website, this is the perfect diet to kick start a new long term program, get ready for a special event, or break a food addiction. The diet can be downloaded as an e-book or a hard copy of the book can be ordered off the website. The 48-page e-book can be ordered for as little as $5 at the time of this review. The page on Robb’s website that is dedicated to this diet program does include customer testimonials. However, we were unable to find clinical evidence cited that supports the idea that detoxifying the body through a fruit flush will help one lose weight.

List of Ingredients

The Three-Day Fruit Flush Detox Diet consists primarily of consuming fruit, vegetables, and protein to flush out the internal system. The first day, dieters are instructed to drink a series of protein shakes and finish off the day with a large salad. The next two days consist of a piece of fruit every two hours followed by a large salad in the evening. The idea behind this diet is that toxins are flushed out of the body along with sodium which helps to reduce water retention.

While there is an argument to be made about the healthy benefits of occasionally “flushing” out the internal system but there is little evidence to support the fact that detox programs are an effective means of long term weight loss. Dieters who use one of these programs over the short term will undoubtedly see a drop in pounds simply from the calorie reduction that these programs are usually characterized by. However, over the long run, there is not data to support the effectiveness of these programs in weight loss.

Product Features

Robb’s website does offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased through the website with the exception of e-books. Customer service is available during normal business hours to assist customers with downloading e-books and answer questions.

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  • The Fruit Flush Diet may be a healthy way to detoxification.
  • Encourages the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • The diet does not appear to be geared towards long term weight loss.
  • No exercise program is emphasized.
  • No weight loss supplement is recommended.


Jay Robb’s Fruit Flush Diet may be a healthy way to detoxify the body but it does not appear to be created for long term weight loss. We believe there are more effective supplements and programs available.

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4 User Reviews about Three-Day Fruit Flush Detox Diet

  • 1

    I am on this diet starting from today, I will keep you updated though.



    How are you ding?? I want to start the detox, but will like to hear from your results ;D


  • 2

    tried this diet and i was starving all the time. Only lost 2 pounds.


  • 3
    Michael Curry

    If you haven’t eaten fruit and vegetables on a regular basis and you start to eat a lot of fruit, your body will detoxify itself first. Even if you don’t change your use of stimulants!
    Fruit can be used to help your body detoxify. The best way of doing this is not to eat anything but fruit until noon. Till that time your body is still busy detoxifying from the night before. Now you know why people always drink freshly squeezed orange- or grapefruit juice in the morning.

    The strongest detoxifying effect is caused by the acid fruits. Especially (red) grapefruit and lemons are detoxifying. Citrus fruit is all acid fruit but also tomatoes and pineapples are acid fruits . Squeeze 3 oranges, two mandarins and half a red grapefruit for breakfast. It’s the quickest energy supply to wake you up in the morning!
    Be a little-bit careful with the acid fruits when you are ill. Your body is already very busy detoxifying and when stimulating this process it could cause an over-reaction of your body to clean itself even more and could make you even feel worse for that moment. So don’t go squeezing 20 oranges to get better.

    If you are really sick and don’t want to eat or drink, the best drink is a glass with the juice of half a lemon filled up with boiled water and a bit of cane sugar (not refined white sugar!) Because you only use half a lemon the detoxifying effect is not so strong but your body does receive much vitamin C.