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The Thrive Diet is the popular meal plan followed by professional Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier. The meal plan does not allow for meats, dairy, or anything processed. The diet promises weight loss and better health. Instead of dairy, meat, and processed foods, you will be eating fresh produce, and nutrient dense recipes. The book that details this diet is considered one of the most comprehensive manuals for vegetarian and raw food diets on the market today. This is a 12 week meal plan which will show you how the diet will help improve your health and produce weight loss as a side effect.

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The Thrive Diet does not allow for any meat, dairy, or processed foods, which makes it highly restrictive and hard for many people to stick to for long periods of time. The diet is based on vegetarian meals, high in nutrients, so you can eat a little bit and feel full for a long period of time. Since the meals are nutrient dense and not calorie dense, you can eat what appears to be more food, without feeling the additional pounds. The book features more than 100 recipes to help you get started. There is also a 12 week meal plan so you have everything you know you are going to eat over a three month period. There are grocery lists so you can make sure you get everything you need when you take your trips to the grocery store. As a bonus, you get a list of staple items you should always keep in your kitchen pantry to ensure you can make a Thrive Diet friendly meal

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  • The Thrive Diet is highly nutritious.
  • This diet is very Earth conscious.


  • The Thrive Diet is highly restrictive, featuring a long list of foods that are not allowed on this diet.
  • The restricted meal plan may be hard for people to follow for an extended period of time.
  • A lot of the recipes require you to devote an excessive amount of time to meal preparation.


The Thrive Diet is an excellent and healthy way to approach your diet and nutrition, if you can handle the highly restrictive nature of the diet. If you have the time to devote to meal preparation, then by all means, give this diet a try. If you do not do well with restrictions or are pressed for time, then you will need to find another diet program that will help you lose weight. You should also be doing an exercise program, and consider taking a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement to accelerate your weight loss efforts.

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12 User Reviews about Thrive Diet

  • 1
    Esther Gutierrez

    I want to know the ingredents in all the Thrive products. My friend gave me a 3 day trial and I want to make sure it’s not going to interact with some of my medications. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.


  • 2
    Rakel. McDuff

    I believe the Thrive diet your talking about is not the same as this Thrive. These are vitamins.
    Please let me know if I am wrong. I just started a week ago.


  • 3

    I’ve heard about this but I don’t want to buy or try with a 3 days trial. I have a Thyroid Disease but I still do lost a lot of weight since last year but my question is does it hurt my thyroid disease?
    Thank you!


  • 4

    I not trying to lose weight just relief from pain of fibro and stress so do I need to drink the powder mix?


    Your Name

    The best way to combat fibromyalgia is to take a candida killer and lots of probiotics. Inflammation causes pain, eliminate inflammation and eliminate pain.


  • 5
    wanda faber

    Do you have samples to try heard it helps with headaches i get them Bad


  • 6
    Lesa Smith

    I have a kidney disease and I cant eat or drink anything that’s high in protein. could thrive do damage to my kidneys?



    Hi there Lesa, a friend of mine introduced me to the products. I was very interested at 1st. I am a nursing momma so i did my own research on the ingredients. I found very scary long term side effects with Silica. Says over time can build up and cause kidney problems, kidney stones ect… Thank you for being careful and not going head first into something like this. I was told it was safe for pregnant/ nursing moms however many of the ingredients are very contraindicated for mommas.


  • 7
    Mary Ann Waymack

    I have not started the diet because I am a heart patient and wonder about all of the caffeine. Is this safe?


    Your Name

    Most people do not know that thrive has some chemicals in it that have harmful long term affects. I heard from aFriend who is a nutrition specialist that this thrive product will be pulled off the shelves before long.
    On the other hand
    I am an ambassador with Plexus world wide
    our products are all natural plant based products. And our signature product plexus slim is actually OK to take while pregnant and does wonders for people with fibromyalgia… migraines
    an multitude of health benefits. Im a silver ambassador with plexus world wide. I felt compelled to inform that if you also take these products it can cause you to fail a drug test also. Just an FYI.
    Anyone wanting information on plexus products and how you can make a step to a healthier lifestyle
    Plexus is not a diet nor a meal replacement. It is strictly a tool we have found that helps with high blood pressure
    Cholesterol etc.
    Contact me for more information.



    I have to say that you will not fail a drug test while taking the Thrive. My husband has been in thrive powder drink, pill and the thrive patch for about 3 months now and he is a truck driver and just took a drug test and passed it, on the other hand, I personally don’t think the stuff works and is a waist of money. He has lost about 35 pounds but, he has also changed what he eats everyday. Which he could have done without the Thrive,right? He is still in a lot of pain from old injuries that he has gotten over the years and he still has no energy. He just stated getting nauseated over the lat couple of days, which he seems to think it may be the patches, I don’t know.


    Your Name

    I do not take any of these products. I was researching Thrive because my daughter inlaw is selling it. I researched Plexus, Ace and Thrive. I have Family and friends on all 3. Phil is on Plexus and lost weight and loves it. Betty Smith on Google rips it apart with logic. My Friend Kristen has been Ace for 2 years and is now lean and a Rep. She is a size 3 from a size 12. She loves it. My daughter inlaw loves Thrive and is a Rep now. She loves the energy. Be careful and read. Amazon removed Plexus from their site because of health concerns. So on to researching Ace and Thrive now