Thyroid Body Type Formula Review

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What You Should Know

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Thyroid Body Type Formula is a weight loss supplement that claims to increase metabolism while flushing or detoxifying the body. There is no official website and all ingredients and information must be pulled from outside sources. When no official website is available, we immediately assume the supplement is no longer being manufactured or is no longer available for sale. Despite being able to find information on the Thyroid Body Type Formula, we were unable to find a reliable source from which to buy the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B (Biotin), Horsetail Silica, Carrot, Asparagus, Oat Straw, Bladderwrack, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Coleus Forskohlii, Thyroid Bovine, Pituitary Substance and Boron.

Product Features

The ingredient list may not be complete because the manufacturer does not have an official website with information on the supplement.

Vitamin B, or Biotin in this case, is often used to increase energy. There are no known weight loss benefits associated with this B vitamin. Horsetail silica is often found in hair and skin products, but rarely in products claiming to increase metabolism. Carrot and asparagus are two healthy foods and supplements that are high in A vitamins and fiber. Oat straw works in the body to balance bowel movements and may increase bile excretion.

Bladderwrack often referred to as a diuretic, works to promote health thyroid function as do bovine thyroid and pituitary substance. These ingredients will not increase weight loss unless the dieter has a problem with thyroid function. Bacopa is an anti-oxidant and boron is an essential B vitamin.

Thyroid Body Type Formula contains no ingredients that effectively increase energy, metabolism or weight loss as far as we can see. Most of the ingredients are vitamins and food-based nutrients that are healthy, but not particularly strong in the area of increasing pounds shed. We did find one ingredient, Ashwagandha, commonly used to counteract stimulation in weight loss products, but there are no stimulants in Thyroid Body Type Formula.

The product sells for $39.95 according to other reviews online. There is no known source of this supplement as of the time of this review.

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  • Ingredients rich in iodine may support an underactive thyroid to increase weight loss in a few dieters.


  • Dieters with a healthy thyroid will not lose weight with this product.
  • There are no effective or proven weight loss ingredients.


Thyroid Body Type Formula is a supplement with a very narrow pool of dieters. If there is a thyroid problem, chances are the dieter will be seeking medical attention and possibly taking medication for the underactive thyroid. With no weight loss ingredients, there is no real reason to use this supplement as part of a weight loss plan.

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