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What You Should Know

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Thyro-slim is a supplement that boosts the metabolism without using ephedra. It is considered a thermogenic fat burner, and uses natural ingredients. It has beneficial properties that are supposed to aid in weight loss, water retention, and fat burning even while one sleeps.

List of Ingredients

Thyrogenic T3 complex formula, Garcinia Cambogia, Synephrine, White Willow, Guarana Extract, Gymnema, Chromium (AM formula); Water Blend formula, Cleansing blend, Thyrogenic T3 Complex,Chromium (PM formula).

Product Features

Thyro-slim burns fat, but it also helps the body shed weight in other ways. The claim is that Thermo-slim helps the user to not have cravings. It also causes carbohydrates not to be absorbed by the body, because excess carbohydrates can turn into fat unless they are burned off. Because it blocks carbohydrates from being absorbed, Thryo-slim also prevents the user from gaining water weight and prevents him from retaining water.

Thyro-slim is designed to assist the thyroid in boosting the metabolism, as the name suggests. There are two formulas that are supposed to be taken together. Supposedly, the PM formula is calming and is supposed to help one sleep and burn fat at the same time. The two formulas are sold separately. The main aim of this product is weight loss, not really improved health. It is recommended that the user be 18 years old before taking this weight loss aid because of the ingredients and effect of using a thermogenic fat burner.

Despite the name that seems to reference the thyroid, this diet pill is not for thyroid health. It is, however, a thermogenic fat burner, though the fact that the PM formula includes a calming ingredient may mean that the product is too stimulating for the AM version to be used alone. As with any fat burning aid, the user should be careful and watch for unpleasant side effects or possible allergic reactions from the ingredients.

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  • Is a thermogenic fat burner.
  • Comes in two formulas to work during the day and at night.


  • Having to buy the two formulas may be more expensive than the user expects.
  • Should not be used by people under the age of 18.
  • Some ingredients may interfere with sleep, so the user would need to purchase both formulas to take advantage of the calming ingredients.
  • Natural ingredients, but not all of them are specifically listed, so it is more difficult to know everything in this product.
  • Not for thyroid health, despite what the name may suggest..


Thyro-slim is supposed to help burn fat. It is known as a thermogenic fat burner and it also helps block carbohydrates and shed water. However, the fact that some ingredients are only mentioned as “blends” in the ingredient list makes the effectiveness a little doubtful, because the potential is there for allergic reactions or non-beneficial ingredients. However, for one willing to purchase both formulas this might be a helpful weight loss aid in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

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