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Thyrosol is a supplement intended help the user have a healthy thyroid. While it is not specifically for weight loss, healthy thyroid function means a healthy metabolism, and a healthier metabolism may mean weight loss. In addition to an improved metabolism, a healthy thyroid can lead to being healthier overall. Those who improve the function of their thyroids often have increased energy and other benefits, and the aim of Thyrosol is to increase these benefits to help the user be a healthier person, rather than simply to lose extra weight.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate),Vitamin D, Vitamin E, iodine, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, selenium, croscarmellose sodium, rosemary leaf extract, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, stearic acid, coating (deionized water, polyethylene glycol, microcrystalline cellulose, and carrageenan).

Product Features

Thyrosol has natural ingredients that are supposed to improve thyroid function. It comes in capsule form, and the directions are to take two of the capsules daily. The natural ingredients are the most encouraging part of this product. The ease with which the user can take Thyrosol tablets is also another plus. The downside of Thyrosol is that it can only be purchased at a medical office. There are several reasons for this.

One reason is the desire of Metagenics to make sure their products are not being purchased and used in the wrong way. One of the ingredients, Vitamin A, can be quite toxic in large amounts. Also, taking too much of something that helps the thyroid work more efficiently may cause other problems. This is the main reason that Thyrosol is only sold in medical offices instead of over the counter. It would be easy to overuse Thyrosol without the control of those in the healthcare profession. A bottle of Thyrosol costs about $21.50.

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  • Promotes health overall, not just weight loss.
  • Uses natural ingredients.


  • Vitamin A can be toxic if too much is consumed.
  • Not conveniently obtained because it must be purchased from a medical office.
  • Does not necessarily have the benefit of weight loss.


Thyrosol is a natural solution to thyroid problems and lack of energy. It is not a solution to weight loss; rather, it is an aid to a healthy lifestyle. When used along with a healthy diet, Thyrosol may help one to lose weight, but its aim is to help the user feel better and be able to live healthy.

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4 User Reviews about Thyrosol

  • 1
    Leslie Eckert

    I took Thyrosol for about 3 weeks, only one a day, then increased to two a day, as directed, but shortly started having aching joints, which calmed back down when I stopped the Thyrosol. I’m afraid to try it again.


  • 2
    Shirley Manzo

    Hi, Can using Thyrosol cause your face to get red ? I just started taking it. Thanks. Please E-mail me.


  • 3
    Chris Bershell

    my thyroid was removed 30 years ago. I was not put on any suppliment. Will thyrosol help. I have a slow metabolism and have gained 100 pounds, which I cannot loose. Please help Thank you



    I just received my thyrosol do I need to be on a special diet with it?