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Thyrotril is a metabolism boosting supplement created by the nutritional company Sterling Grant. The company claims the unique ingredients in Thyrotril will help a dieter lose more weight, control appetite and fight fat stores. Sterling Grant has a reputation for making huge claims about their supplements but not backing up those claims with proof or strong ingredients. We wonder is Thyrotril is the same?

List of Ingredients

Selenium, L-Tyrosine, Olive Leaf Extract, Guggelsterones, Atlantic Kelp, Bioperine.

Product Features

Selenium is trace mineral commonly included in supplements to boost thyroid function. Selenium works with T4 in the body. T4 is the primary thyroid hormone. If a dieter were to have a thyroid problem, this trace mineral could help them boost weight loss.

L-Tyrosine works with the thyroid as well. This amino acid has been touted as the hidden answer to increased thyroid function, but clinical trials have not proven these claims as fact.

Olive leaf extract I used in alternative medicine to fight off bacteria and viruses. For this use, 500 mg are usually included in a supplement, but Thyrotril only includes 100 mg. This means the olive leaf extract will not be as effective as it could be. However, there are no links between olive leaf extract and thyroid function or weight loss.

Guggelsterones is the main active ingredient in Thyrotril. This natural ingredient is often used to regulate cholesterol; reducing bad and overall cholesterol numbers. There have been studies that supported this use, but recently a study completed revealed an increase in bad and overall cholesterol when participants used Guggelsterones.

Atlantic Kelp is a source of iodine. Iodine is typically given to patients with low thyroid function. Unfortunately, kelp will not have a positive effect on everyone because not everyone have an underactive thyroid.

The final ingredient is bioperine or black pepper. In some studies, black pepper has a thermogenic effect and in others it increases the amount of absorption when taken with other ingredients.

Thyrotril sells for $23.99 per 90 capsule bottle. The supplement is tailored for the dieter who is having thyroid problems. All other dieters will see little to to effect from taking the supplement.

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  • Information could easily be found online.
  • The ingredients are perfect for a dieter with an underactive thyroid.
  • Thyrotril is less expensive than other similar supplements.


  • Not every dieter has a thyroid problem.
  • No fat burning ingredients.
  • No appetite suppressing ingredients.


We tend to steer clear of supplements tailored to a very small portion of the weight loss community. Thyrotril is made for a dieter who needs to stimulate the thyroid. Normal thyroid function should not be affected by the supplement but that is not a chance most dieters are willing to take.

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    Do you recommend Thyrotril for the hypothyroid patients already taking THYROXINE SODIUM 100mcg(ELTROXIN)for quite some years.


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    lynn fisher

    I am currenttttttly taking sinvastatin for high cholesterol, and have also had 98% of my thyroid removed, in 1979, and have never taken any thyroid medications.