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Thyrovarin is a diet supplement manufactured by Klein Becker, more commonly known for its line of women-oriented skincare products. Although information about Thyrovarin is no longer on Klein Becker’s official website, dozens of other sites continue to sell Thyrovarin in convenient 180ct bottles. Thyrovarin itself does not claim to be a cure-all diet supplemental; instead, it claims to regulate a dysfunctional thyroid. Years of scientific research show that the thyroid plays a measurable part in weight management, although diet and exercise is a bigger factor. With a sensible diet and plenty of exercise, Thyrovarin claims it will aid users in weight loss, but not cause weight loss on its own. Thyrovarin manufacturers do not seem to have published their ingredients or verifiable proof why Thyrovarin regulates the thyroid, however, which raises concern.

List of Ingredients

Klein Becker has not published any ingredient information. No information is available at this time.

Product Features

Because no product information is published, it is hard to discern why Thyrovarin is different from other products. Thyrovarin only claims to regulate a sluggish thyroid, which in turn increases weight loss. Thyrovarin is mainly geared towards a female audience, but has stated it is for both genders. Because Klein Becker offers no other information or testimonials to draw from, it is impossible to discern what makes Thyrovarin different from the competitors. Thyrovarin also claims to regulate mood swings and give you a natural boost of energy by regulating the thyroid, although no proof has been given.

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  • It is one of the few diet pills on the market that claims to target a dysfunctional thyroid instead of the entire body.
  • It claims to stabilize mood and energy along with increasing weight loss, although it never explains how.
  • It is a woman-specific supplement for those over 30.


  • The manufactures no longer feature Thyrovarin on its website for unknown reasons.
  • No ingredient information is available, potentially making this dangerous to use.
  • It is only available on the Internet.
  • Thyrovarin offers no money-back guarantee or any other information about its product.
  • It does not provide any testimonials or scientific backing on why or how it works.
  • Although it claims it is designed for both males and females, Thyrovarin only addresses female concerns.


Because Klein Becker no longer features any information about Thyrovarin, including ingredient information, on its site it is possible that Thyrovarin is outdated or dangerous to use. Although Thyrovarin is easy to take unlike other diet supplements, the lack of information is a concern. However, Thyrovarin takes a new approach to combating weight gain, claiming to target the thyroid. Very few supplements claim to target this specific area, unlike Thyrovarin. Nevertheless, the lack of information indicates that Thyrovarin is possibly too dangerous to take. Definitely consult a doctor before taking Thyrovarin, since thyroid conditions can be quite serious.

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