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Tibet Linzhi Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Factory is a company that makes and markets Chinese and Tibetan medical formulas and holistic products. The company’s products claim to solve a variety of problems including inflammation, swelling, lack of energy, and pain. This company has expanded and started ten subsidiary companies.

The company’s website provides information about holistic history as well as a brief history of their company. Information is also given about their processing techniques and extracts. Products can be sold directly to the customer through this website, which could mean a significant savings for the customer.

This company is based on Buddhist beliefs. They use the principles of altruism, karma, and ethics as well as the basic text called the “Four Tantras” which was taught by Buddha himself.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

The most popular product of the Tibet Linzhi Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Factory is their Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster. This product is available at many large retail stores in the United States. The company also offers an energy enhancer, Tibetan Cordyceps, in both capsule and powder forms. Their anti-inflammatory product is Cheezheng An Fu Le Ointment. Cheezheng Qingpeng Ointment is designed to reduce swelling and pain.

The Tibet Linzhi Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Factory also produce several tonics: Tibet Rhodiola Capsule, Tian Qi Jiao Nang, Hei Bai Xian Yao Shui, Zheng Hong Hua You, and MYL Zhi Chuang Shuan.

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  • This company received the Gold Prize at the International Invention Fair in Geneva for their Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster.
  • Although the products range in price, many of them are fairly affordable.
  • The Tibet Linzhi Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Factory offers a wide selection of products.
  • This company was one of the 50 Best Pharmaceutical Enterprises in 2002.


  • There is very little information available on the effectiveness or scientific testing of these products.
  • Although the company website has an English version, it appears to be a more limited website and does not provide English speaking customers with quite as much information. Some of the text does not switch over to English, which can be frustrating to website visitors who do not understand what they are looking at.
  • People who do not believe in Buddhism may be wary of herbal supplements and health products that rely so heavily on Buddhist teaching for their science.
  • Although this company offers a large variety of products, none of them are designed to improve weight loss. These products should not be taken as weight loss supplements, because they are merely designed to improve a person’s health.


Despite the large success of this company, their many products, and their expansion in the industry, people should not look to them for the solution to their diet needs. The Tibet Linzhi Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Factory does not even claim to produce diet products, so their products should not be used in that way.

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