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Tiger Schulmann’s is a master martial artist whose weight loss plan is a combination of exercise and martial arts. Schulmann’s mixed martial arts schools teach karate and kickboxing, as well as, grappling to help consumers lose those extra pounds. A healthy diet and effect appetite suppressant are not encouraged in combination with this work out plan.

Product Features

Tiger Schulmann’s schools provide training for women and men, children and families and are gear towards overall fitness and maintaining the body’s optimal conditioning and can also help those looking to lose weight. Schulmann’s mixed martial art program also helps improve heart function, mental health, increase flexibility, and overall physical fitness. Schulmann’s mixed martial arts regimen also increases the fun and excitement associated with exercise which may help some users stick with the program. The program also offers group classes and offers all levels of classes and uses can receive martial arts belts through the most advanced level.

Tiger Schulmann’s official website offers information about his schools, workout plans, locations, contact information, courses, user testimonials, new archives, and other useful information. There is also a gift shop with souvenirs can be purchased. Further, plenty of other websites list information about the workout plan and centers. On average, classes cost between $13 and $26 per session. There is also a special internet offer which offers unlimited summer classes for the cost of $149.

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  • Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts classes are family friendly.
  • Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts classes are different than other workout plans.


  • This program is for overall health and not just weight loss.
  • Tiger Schulmann does not encourage users to incorporate a healthy diet into their weight loss plan.
  • Users must live near a Tiger Schulmann center.


While Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts plan may be able to help you lose weight and build a healthier body it is not a weight loss plan. Further, this plan does not encourage users to incorporate a healthy diet with their martial arts. . If you are looking for a product or diet to help with weight loss you might want to continue your search. A good weight loss product should include an appetite suppressant, a healthy diet, and an exercise plan that works for you.

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24 User Reviews about Tiger Schulmann

  • 1
    April Pixler

    I just started my daughter who was getting bullied. She is 7 and very tiny. She has gained confidence and is very proud of her accomplishments. She has backed the bullies down and is much happier in school. It was worth all $1800 for the year. I started kickboxing as well and I love it. I know I’m getting healthier and losing all the pregnancy weight as long as I’m consistent! This is also worth $159 for my health. My husband just tried it last night who is a black belt in 3 martial arts and had a great time. Yes he has questions about certain techniques and moves but overall your getting discipline, consistency, training and health. Worth every cent! Oh and bought a ton of gear cheap off Craigslist.


  • 2

    My family trained at TSMMA Tampa for many years. My husband became a Joshu in 2011. We had to make the unfortunate decision to leave the school after the moved an additional 30 min from our home and because we have a 3 children who’s medical needs and expenses have become overwhelming. We requested an honest and fair refund to the over $2000 we paid them for a year of classes. However, they won’t return any of our registered letters and continue to ignore us. I’m disappointed in an organization that teaches honor and integrity and yet doesn’t offer the same to its former students. Shame… Yes, we trained consistently while we were there!


  • 3

    TSMMA is CRAP. THIS IS NOT TRADITIONAL KARATE it is a JOKE. I just got back from a class after my friend demanded me to go. I have a 2nd degree black bet inokinawan shuri ryu and i was embarresed for the instructors i cant even give them the respect to call them a sensi.
    my friend who is a red bet was still kicking wrong and when i went to show him how to correct the instructor came ova to me and said” would i come to your place of work and teach some one”
    - and that was it they dont teach- you just watch and copy.

    anyways- This over price so called karate will help you loose weight and they will let you beat the shit out of a punching bag with no form or proper teque.

    over all- if you wanna do karate or any mma go to your local dojo. TSMMA will just steal your money.

    northvalle TSMMA is a joke

    go learn some okinawan shuri ryu, bjj or some muay thaim and learn the root of karate.



    Mike, you’re an idiot. If you’re so good why don’t you open up your own dojo. Truth is you cant even handle their Beginner Kikcboxing Class. You want cheap? Sure go to your local gym and get cheap.
    p.s its “sensei” you know it all.


  • 4

    tsmma has been the best thing thats ever happened to me i have trained thers for over 1 year with my 6 year old daughter also attending its nice to get belts but its not about that ilost 65lbs in the first 4 months and have kept it off ienjoy the classes they are tough but fun as are all the instructors iwould reccomend this to everyone even just as stress relief and to build self confidence it is expensive no doubt about it but when you start training as hard as u have to then u find that u are not eating out asmuch not stopping for a few cocktails after work and it all offsets the cost think about it if u could add 10 to 15 years on to your life and have fun doing it how much would u pay my cholesterol went from 296 to 98 and my triglycerides from 1440 to76 crazy numbers but true when i began i weighed 240 now im 175 tsmma probably saved my life and now i know for sure that i will walk my 2 daughters down the aisle on their wedding days


  • 5

    Tiger Schulmanns Mixed Martial Arts is for those who are serious about their health, want to stay in shape, get discipline, focus, have fun and learn how to defend themselves. Seriously, parents have to stop worrying about belts. They mean nothing unless the child earns the belt, not because of how many classes they take. some kids get their belts faster than others and vice versa. are you paying for your child to learn confidence, non quitting spirit and self defense or are you paying for a stupid colored belt? parents ask for the belts more than the kids do. as for the stripes, it is not a scam. clearly you guys dont know about the way things work at TSMMA since youre so focused on a belt. stripes are for attendance and to keep track of their consistency. after the stripes are given, sensei or joshu decide whether or not the child (or adult) has improved in their personal progression and give them their belt when they have accoplished something. what if your child was handed a black belt because you kept asking for it? congrats, you have a child with a black belt who doesnt know how to defend themselves nor do they have the spirit to work hard for their goals in life. The tuition is what it is. if you want cheap, go to a cheap school where some bald old guy is teaching and gives out belts just because. lets see how your child turns out then. cheap is cheap, you get what you pay for. your health and your child’s health is the most important thing in life. it’s worth every penny. ive been doing this for 5 years and i am a better person, lost 20lbs, and have amazing energy. go get that at a gym. good luck. plus, the sensei from bayside is a great instructor, great school, staff is super friendly.


  • 6

    The only thing I have against TSMMA is that you have to buy all the gear to train. why can’t you just wear a white or black T-shirt. Yeah get a pair of uniform pants but as for t-shirts you are just sweating in anyway come on make them cheaper. I love the classes and will probably never stop going but when you pay $259 a month for the classes you shouldn’t have to pay so much for your uniform. Just a thought… I love the new Astoria TSMMA Sensei Viscovich is an amazing person.


  • 7

    Hey lady–if your kid doesn’t like mixed martial arts then he won’t try at it. of course sensei doesn’t want to spend time on someone who doesn’t try. get your son into another sport, he obviously doesn’t care about this one.


  • 8

    My son is 8 years old has been attending the Bayside school for 3 years. He does not miss classes and is there on time and ready to work. He attend 3 classes per week. He is not athletic and does not particularly enjoy martial arts. I thought that it would be wonderful for him to get the exercise, self-esteem and disciple that the school professes. He has gotten none of this. The sensei only gives feedback and spend time with students that “try hard” and that attend more than 3 classes a week. The sensei instructs everyone to not spend any time on these students. He says this openly so that my son and others hear. The harm that Bayside school and this sensei is doing to children like my son are irreparable. My son will no longer attend this school. The sensei is a bully.



    It might be a good idea to consider sending your son to a different school.
    Every school is different, they all teach differently, and alot have entirely different systems set up for your belts/stripes even.
    My school (bensonhurst) has recently changed alot, we got new instructors at the beginning of the year and our old ones left (Our last Sensei is now opening Astoria TSMMA).
    With our old instructor, we all just had a 3 strip system and would get a belt, and they would give us exams for our next belt and only looked at our capability for push ups and sit ups.
    With our new instructors, they push us to get better, they don’t advance us through belt ranks till they see our technique through kickboxing + grappling improve… and we even got an entirely different class schedule which is now way better and we get every class every day of the week now.

    You should look for another school close by, every class is relatively close.
    Bay Ridge TSMMA is closer to me but I love Bensonhurst especially with the changes we now have.



    Hahahaa i never laughed so much in my life, Sensei a bully haahaha. He may seem that way to some, but what you see and know are two different things. Sensei wants the best for your child thats it.


  • 9
    The Truth

    My son has been there for two years. At the beginning, he was very interested to get to different belts. However, he has been getting bored because of the long period time to get to the next level and eventually to the black belt.

    Tiger Schulmann has a belt system It is like this: White, High White, Blue, High Blue, Yellow, High Yellow, Red, High Red, Green, High Green, Brown, High Brown, Black.
    You used to have to get three stripes for each belt to get the next belt. Each stripe cost you 10 – 15 class.

    It is very expensive, and getting more expensive. They changed system from three stripes to four to six stripes between each belt recently, which means a kid has to spend 25% – 75& longer time to get to the next belt, and the parents have to thrown in more money into it as well.

    Another trick is the teacher can decide that your kid is not good enough and require more class to get a stripe or next belt.

    At the beginning, kids only take so called core course. Then they have to take kick boxing and gappling courses to get to the next level. They only teach very basic skills, and you just can’t see much progress for your kids. Gears are expensive, because you have to buy TSM branded stuff. A shirt can cost you 50, and set of gear can cost you 300.

    Be very careful if your kids want to get into it. It may cause you more than 10K for your kids to get his black belt. And it is getting more and more expensive.

    In my opinion, it cares more about making money than teaching martial arts. It’s a money making scam.



    Hey The Truth:
    It seems to me you are very focussed on the belts! It is not about the belts! It is about the journey! About the exercise your son is getting! About teh confidence and self esteem he is gaining so he wont be picked on by bullies…or if he is, he will know how to handle it! Stop obsessing about the belts! My husband, son and I all train and we are all at different levels. I do it for staying in shape and being able to protect myself, and same with my husband. We have our 5 1/2 year old son do it so he can learn self discipline, foccus, and be confident! It’s so much more than you realize! The belt doesn’t mean anything if you think thats all its about.



    yes, but they make yu focus on the belts, and the shouldn’t. You are ushed andpushed to take all the classes and it shouldn’t be that way. They take the fun out of it!



    That isn’t the case in all schools. It depends on the Sensei. My school doesn’t put that much emphasis on the belts. Yes they push for you to stay consistant with your classes, and take “x” amount of classes a week, but if you think about it, its in your best interest to do so. You get the most out of it if you stay consistant, and take classes a few nights a week. You don’t get soemthing for nothing. So yea, it costs money, its a business after all. And you get what you pay for. If you want a cheap workout, go to Planet Fitness, but you won’t get the same results.
    If you stay consistant, and take enough classes to benefit you, the belts just come naturally then. too many people focus on the belt, and not what they are there for, and yes, some schools mistakenly use that as motivation. But not most.
    Some schools and Sensei’s are better than others when it comes to running their school, and how they motivate their students. Some do it in the wrong way and make you feel its just about the money and belts. That is not a good way to do business, and those schools probably don’t do as well. But many of the schools do very well because they motivate you to be healthy and stick to your schedule so that you benefit from it.


    first off “the truth” i agree with MK. so if ur child were to get their belts even if he/she was not ready how would that make u feel? how would u feel if your child was sent to a black belt test when the instructor knew he/she wasnt ready but u want them to test anyway? hmmmm? u seem like the parent who needs to actually take a class in order to understand what it takes to get better. so what a belt is a belt. its all about the experience, learning and journey anyway. instructors dont send their students to a test to fail, they send them to pass…also it is up to the parents as well to ensure that their children retain their learning by taking them to class or even working with them somehow…so dont be a hypocrite…i dare u to take a class for yourself…its not easy and it is a workout you will never forget



    Thanks for posting that JJ. Too many people are posting such negative comments about TSMMA. It really is a good organization. It’s expensive though, and thats what people have a problem with. They forget that, just like with any other product you buy, you get what you pay for.
    Too many people are worried abuot the wrong things when it comes to their classes at TSMMA. They should foccuss on their training, and becoming a better martial artist, and being fit. Getting and staying healthy for themselves, and for their families. And teaching their kids the same.
    And if you are just given a belt after so many classes, even if you arent learning and doing better, then it doesnt mean a thing!



    My son has been attending Tiger Schulmann’s for about 6 weeks, and I half agree with both arguments here. The system is set up to get maximum profits, as far as equipment costs and the escalation of classes, but for me, it is well worth the cost for what my son is getting out of it. As a professional marketer, I see the “scam” point of view, but these locations need dedicated members to stay in business as well, and the value that they offer is well worth it for me. I actually took on a second job to help offset the cost, because my son is so dedicated – and this is a hyper seven year old.



    Sounds like GrandMaster Schulmann want to turn out higher quality Black Belts.
    Which should happen everywhere.
    4 to 5 years at 4 to 6 hours weekly used to be common and is our requirement at our school. $10,000 is not high if he attends 960 hours or more to 1st degree



    I my so my son joined in November of 201 started to get bored be started to get bored because it was the same thing over and over $18189 dollars a 189 dollars a month fo for tonight a w and if he if he only goes one night a week its still the same cost and yet they advertise $20 per class this does not make sense to me


    exasperated anon

    They teach such basic moves over and over again so that if your child is ever forced to actually defend himself, he’ll be able to do so automatically and comfortably with minimal thought, if any. If they taught different moves every day, yeah, it’d be more interesting, but nobody would ever genuinely be good at any of those moves. When you do the same move over and over, you get better and better at it. Not even to mention what everybody else has already mentioned, which is that the teachers force you to take more classes to advance because if they don’t, you’ll be a brown belt in no time, but you won’t be able to beat a white belt in a sparring match wearing pads and head guards, much less an attacker in the street with a weapon. If you’re just taking the class for the belts, you’re taking the wrong class.


  • 10
    Ms. Luz Lopez

    tiger schulmann’s in the Bayside, Queens NY area just totally told me that my son, Brandon is no longer welcomed to continue his training just because I had to address an issue which was very concerning to me as a mother..there were quite a few incidences where they “the facility,” did not have their information right and would tell my son he was not only coming in on days when he “wasn’t supposed to” because of “corporate” records being incorrect..From the very beginning upon his return on November 9th, 2009, I have been requesting a paid in full receipt from them and all they kept telling me was “that corporate” had to send them the correct receipt since they have made changes from 2001 which, originally is when my son first started..their methods of teaching has not only changed and never notified anyone via writing when returning students did come back, but the attitudes there are unacceptable..My son, was told that for ever absence, it delays him a month from receiving a “belt”..well, why, again, weren’t we ever told these conditions when he first returned? And why are these
    Joshi’s allowed to unfairly derate these kids as if they are the reason why they don’t escalate? No one gets away with telling my son that the reason for the delay in receiving any belt is “to keep them on line”…that is not probable cause for a student in training to recieve something he is working hard to acheive..Your classes and Sensei’s claim they teach discipline, however, they left out the part where they too, have to show respect even to their own students..I am not content with their methods and will not stand for anyone to mistreat my son, let alone not allow him to train when I fully paid for it, and second, he did nothing wrong but ask a simple question. Another student also confirmed this to my son which is why he asked the Joshi’s to begin with…how could you allow these trainers to teach such horrific tactics especially when a child gets sick and they cannot help but to be out for a class? they should not be punished if they are out for a legitimate reason..Now my son, is not only very upset, but feels unliked, unappreciated and has obviously been discriminated against…


    harry pollan

    it appears you signed up in 2001 and want to continue in your sons training in 2009. you are also asking for someone to furnish a receipt from 8 yrs ago. Also you paid for classes your son was suppose to have taken and be consistant with his training and it is very obvious that he wasn’t. I also had a son in tiger schulmann and he reached the level of 2nd degree and he was consistant and i got a great satisfaction from our experience. it seems to me that you are not upset about your son’s lack of progression but rather upset about not having received a refund for class that you failed to bring him to. tell the truthyaku



    Thank you after reading what she said I was gonna say the exact same thing. Iv’e been going to the one in Bayside for 8 years now and I can tell you that there is never any attitude towards a student or parent. Our foundation is built upon respect.