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The TLC diet is a diet plan especially directed towards those who have high cholesterol levels, those who have heart disease already or those who are at risk of a heart attack. It consists mainly of a diet plan that limits the amount of fat and saturated fat that you can eat each day if following the TLC diet. There is also what is called a TLC diet virtual grocery, which explains online how to properly read food labels to distinguish the amount of fat in a given product. There is also a TLC diet virtual kitchen which gives details of recipes that comply with the TLC diet.


There are no ingredients; the TLC diet is a diet conceived for those who have heart problems or high cholesterol levels.

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Those who have developed the TLC diet say that the aim of the diet is to enable you to modify your diet so that what you eat consists of low saturated fat foods and low cholesterol foods. It is directed towards those who are obliged to change their diet for medical reasons. It is particularly aimed at those individuals who have high cholesterol or who have already suffered a heart attack. The TLC diet consists of eating less than 7% of the day’s total calories from saturated fat. Saturated fat increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. If you are following the TLC diet, 25-35% of your total calories should be taken from fat, and less than 200mg from cholesterol. In order to minimise the amount of cholesterol, those who have conceived of the diet say that you should increase your intake of fruit, vegetables, and non dairy fat. Under the TLC diet the amount of sodium taken should be less than 2400mg.

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  • Under the TLC diet, users are educated on how to read food labels in order to calculate the fat content of a certain product.
  • The TLC diet also includes a “virtual kitchen” which gives ideas for recipes that comply with the diet.
  • The TLC diet can help those with high cholesterol to reduce the amount of cholesterol in their diet.


  • The TLC diet is more suitable for those who have specific health concerns than for those who want to lose weight.
  • This diet comes across more as sensible eating advice than as the product of scientific research.
  • You should still seek the advice of your family physician if you wish to change your diet due to health concerns.
  • Some people may find this diet difficult to follow and may still feel hungry.


This diet is directed towards those who have specific health concerns. Certainly for those who have high cholesterol, it may be a good diet to follow. However, if you are someone in good health that simply wants to lose weight than there may be other diets available that are better suited to your individual concerns.

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  • 1
    Busisiwe Teffo

    where would i find the nearest TLC office in Johannesburg.


  • 2
    Hannetjie Smit

    I did the TLC diet, and lost 36kg in 8 months, felt hungry every day and couldn’t go on. As soon as i started eating normal again I gained 40 kg in the next year!



    Hi Hannetjie

    I did a high protien diet, lost 24kg and I gained almost 40kgs after that! What on earth are we to do then?