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The TNT Diet is a weight loss book aimed at reshaping your body and your life. The book is extensively covered on the Men’s Health website. There are TNT Diet workouts, diet plans and menus available from the Men’s Health website.

TNT stands for Targeted Nutrition Tactics and the diet is geared toward men who want to melt away body fat and increase the slimmer, more muscle physiques so appealing to women. In addition to losing weight, the TNT Diet plan claims to decrease the man’s risk of heart disease and diabetes.


TNT Diet plan book.

Product Features

The 12 week program includes a diet plan and an exercise plan. The plans are customized to the needs of the dieter. The plan can be used for weight loss, fat loss, muscle building or any combination of these aspects of improving the look and feel of the body.

There are several different plans on the TNT Diet depending on the amount of weight you want to lose and the type of diet you are comfortable with. The A diet is a ketogenic diet which means the plan is low carbohydrate and forces the body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. The C diet is a more flexible plan that allows one day a week of carbohydrate loading.

The TNT Workout as a part of the TNT Diet offers different stages of workouts. The three stages are followed one right after the other with each stage focusing heavily on muscle confusion to keep metabolism high. Muscle confusion is used in training to keep the muscles guessing and prevent plateaus in weight loss.

The TNT Diet book can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $8.00 plus shipping and handling. Due to the fact that this is a diet book and not a weight loss supplement, there are no return policies or free trials. The information on the Men’s Health website offers just enough insight to allow the viewer to choose whether they want to give the plan a try or not but not enough to start the plan without the book.

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  • The book is inexpensive.
  • Muscle confusion helps keep the body from plateauing.
  • Low carbohydrate diets tend in result in weight loss.


  • The TNT Diet Plan is not much more than a traditional low carbohydrate diet and fitness plan.
  • There is no official website for the TNT Diet Plan.
  • Low carbohydrate diets tend to be hard to stick with.


The TNT Diet plan has received a lot of support from the viewers of the Men’s Health website. There are questions, testimonials and more questions posted as comments to the information about the program on the website. The users are reporting weight loss, but it is hard to see the starting weight and condition without before and after photos. There is no mention of supplements in the information given on the TNT Diet plan.

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4 User Reviews about TNT Diet

  • 1

    TNT diet is awesome to say the least. I’ve just started it and am only in my first week but one of my best friends has been on it for over a year and has been doing great because of the foundation it helps you build.

    for me, i was always looking for that “new” method to basically blow away the weight with minimal work..well guess what, you’re not going anywhere unless you put the work in!

    the diet isnt as strict as others of its kind but you have to be strict yourself, especially the first couple of weeks.

    buy the book, its cheap and explains soooo much more than what the average person would expect. even if you don’t use the diet there are countless exercises, references and directions that will prove useful for anyone looking to improve their way of life..


  • 2

    Followed diet strictly for 1 month, then relaxed to “cheat” on weekends. Have followed exercise regime for 6 months. At age 47, I have lost 30 lbs (from 229 to 199), 5 inches on waist (36 down to 31) and have packed on muscle that generates compliments.



    How hard was it for you to follow in the beginning? I have heard that low carb diets are tough at first, because of the lack of energy. I am about your previous weight, and I am very curious about a low carb diet. I know that carbs are my weakness, when it comes to overeating, eating the wrong foods, and is a major part in my weight.




    I am not Dave, but I am 35 and lost 55 lbs in 4 months. I was not absolutely religious but I got to my ideal weight nonetheless. It was actually very easy to follow for me seeing that I like protein and bread is not usually a weakness. I never felt weak, in fact with the exercise program I found myself wanting to exercise more than required. Good luck….it worked for me.