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Today’s Health is a company that develops holistic supplements. These products are made from sea based minerals and are advertised to meet GMP standards. Their first product is Coral Cal Daily Sachets. They have also released a multi-vitamin for children.

There is no website for Today’s Health and their products. The products are mainly sold through online retailers and TV infomercials.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

Coral Cal Daily Sachets contains Ocean Coral and other ingredients from the sea. It is designed to keep the minerals in the body in balance. This product also claims to neutralize chlorine in drinking water and make water taste better. Most of the websites that sell this product place it in a line-up of many other coral calcium products.

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  • The products that this company produces are fairly affordable and it is possible to buy them in bulk for an even larger discount.
  • The products that Today’s Health produces have received favorable reviews at the various online retailers that they work with.


  • Although the online retailers that sell these products may provide a significant amount of information about the products, the credibility of this company is severely reduced by the fact that they do not have their own website. Many of these websites don’t even mention the name of the company that makes this product.
  • This company only makes two products.
  • Health products sold through infomercials do not have the best reputation for being effective products. Many of these products give unreasonably high claims, use faulty advertising techniques, and do not provide scientific information to back up their claims. Today’s Health might not be this type of company, but some people might consider them guilty by association.
  • Since this company does not have their own website, there is almost no information available about them.
  • The commonness of this company’s name might add to the confusion about them and allow them to build off of the success of other similarly named companies and websites.
  • Coral Cal Daily Sachets are designed to restore the body’s mineral balance, but not to help a person lose weight. This company may produce weight loss products in the future, but at this time, it should not be considered a diet supplement company.


Although people may find that the products manufactured by Today’s Health enable them to live healthy lives, this company does not make diet products and their products should not be used with the hopes of weight loss. Because there is so little information available about this company and their products, people who are looking for diet supplements and other health and wellness products should steer clear of this company and find one that is more professional in their business dealings and advertising.

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