Tokkyo Cutting-Gels Review

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When it comes to diet pills and weight loss supplements, it is imperative to take caution. After all, many of these products contain dangerous ingredients, which can lead to side effects, and even serious health problems. One specific ingredient to avoid is Ephedra or Ephedrine. It is supposed to help increase thermo genesis, but it has been proven to be dangerous. We will now take a closer look at Tokkyo Cutting-Gels. This is an over-the-counter weight loss formula that is available online for $74.99 (120 capsules). It is manufactured by Tokkyo Nutrition, and offers “advanced Japanese technology.”


  • Exphedrine HCL

Product Features

Tokkyo Cutting-Gels is a supplement that is claimed to encourage extreme fat loss, heighten energy levels, and accelerate your metabolism. It is encouraged to take this diet pill before exercising in order to enhance workouts. It is also encouraged to take Tokkyo Cutting-Gels in combination with other supplements like Tokkyo Muscle-Gels, Tokkyo CleansePM, Tokkyo Creatine Stack, and Tokkyo Nitrous Stack. These other supplements assist with muscle building, internal cleansing, and increased energy levels for working out. According to the official website, Tokkyo Cutting-Gels will enhance your workouts more effectively than other supplements. This formula offers Liquid Release Technology, which may make it more effective.

The only ingredient mentioned for Tokkyo Cutting-Gels is Exphedrine HCL. Unfortunately this active ingredient is not explained on the official website. However, this substance is supposed to boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, and accelerate fat loss. It appears that Exphedrine HCL is a version of Ephedra or Ephedrine. In other words, this key ingredient will likely lead to dangerous side effects. There are no success stories or before and after photos posted to support Tokkyo Cutting-Gels.

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  • You can easily purchase Tokkyo Cutting-Gels through online dealers.
  • This weight loss supplement comes in a convenient capsule form.


  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee provided with this diet product.
  • This weight loss supplement appears to contain a form of Ephedra.
  • No success stories are posted to support Tokkyo Cutting-Gels.
  • This diet product may lead to side effects.
  • The cost of Tokkyo Cutting-Gels is $74.99, which is expensive.


Put simply, we do not recommend Tokkyo Cutting-Gels for safe and healthy weight loss. First of all, this diet product is expensive at $74.99 per bottle. Secondly, there is no satisfaction guarantee provided with this diet product. More importantly, this weight loss formula contains the ingredient Exphedrine HCL, which is probably a form of Ephedra. As you may know, Ephedra is a dangerous ingredient that was used in weight loss pills, and has now been banned. It is wise to consult a real doctor before taking a product like Tokkyo Cutting-Gels.

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