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If you are like many people, you have likely tried a diet at some point in your life or another. Countless men and women turn to diet programs for weight loss. Clearly it can be challenging to lose unwanted body fat. However, it can be accomplished with the right program or product. One method of weight loss is emphasized by Tom Nicoli. If you are not familiar with this man, he is a world renowned hypnotist, and assists numerous people by giving motivational speeches. According to the official Tom Nicoli website, he has helped people in more than 40 different countries worldwide.

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Tom Nicoli is a motivational speaker and hypnotist that helps people with common issues like weight loss, stress reduction, and quitting smoking. His goal is to help you live a happier and healthier life. According to his website, Tom has been featured on Dateline. Just so you are clear, the Tom Nicoli approach to weight loss does not involve any prescription diet drugs, nor does it incorporate any special diet plans, or group meetings for weight loss.

As you may have guessed, since everyone cannot go see Tom Nicoli give a seminar in person, he has developed audio programs to assist you at home. These are available on CD as well as for MP3 players. To be more specific, the Tom Nicoli approach to weight reduction involves seven different facets. These are (1) healthy habits for weight loss, (2) ending emotional eating, (3) putting an end to night time snacking, (4) minimizing sweets, (5) beginning a no carbohydrate diet, (6) exercising to boost your metabolism, and (7) maintaining a low-carb diet plan. All prices for Tom Nicoli CDs and MP3 downloads are posted on the primary website. There is also a convenient contact email address and 1-800 number provided on the website.

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  • This weight loss method does not require any prescriptions.
  • The Tom Nicoli CDs and MP3 downloads can be acquired directly through the main website.


  • There is no specific fitness program incorporated.
  • Although it is stated that the Tom Nicoli weight loss plan does not involve diets, a no-carb diet plan is emphasized.
  • Testimonials were not posted on the website for review.
  • There is no clinical data presented to support the Tom Nicoli method.


Although the Tom Nicoli approach to weight reduction does sound intriguing and interesting, it is difficult to determine whether or not it would really help you shed body fat. This weight loss method is a tad confusing since it is stated that no diets are involved, but then a no-carb diet plan is encouraged. You may want to check into a few other weight loss programs before deciding on one like this.

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