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Tommy Kono Knee and Elbow Bands are more than just sleeves or braces. These bands are designed to protect the knees and elbows from injuries during weight training. Advertisements for the bands claim that knees and elbows will feel “well lubricated” and “like new” after weight training.

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Product Features

These bands are made from thick neoprene fabric and claim to increase blood circulation while preventing knee and elbow pain.

These machine washable bands are available at various online retailers and can be purchased for as little as $34.95. The bands are available in sizes small (up to 130 lbs), medium (130-250 lbs), and large (over 250 lbs). The bands are sold in pairs and should be worn in pairs to prevent stress from transferring from the bad knee or elbow to the good one.

Tommy Kono also has a waist band support available online.

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  • These knee and elbow bands are designed to fit the body snugly and not wrinkle or shift during workout, so they will not have to be readjusted.
  • These bands were designed by world champion weight lifter Tommy Kono.
  • These bands emphasize the importance of safety while exercising and lifting weights.
  • There are many favorable reviews online for these products.
  • These bands are high quality and wear very well even over a long period of time.


  • Some people may have trouble putting these bands on because they fit so tightly.
  • These bands are just two of many similar products on the market. Although these were designed by a weight lifting champion, they are probably not the most economical bands available and might not work any better than more inexpensive bands.
  • Tommy Kono knee and elbow bands are designed for serious weight lifters and would probably not be beneficial for those doing more moderate weight lifting, because these people are putting much less strain on their joints.
  • These bands will increase the sweating in your knees and elbows and the thickness of the fabric will not allow them to breathe very easily.
  • The ribbon over the seams on these bands is not firmly attached and will come loose after little use. However, this can be reattached with glue and the rest of the product is of high quality.
  • Tommy Kono knee and elbow bands are not designed to help in weight loss in any way. Since these bands are designed specifically for serious weight lifters, people who want to lose weight would not be using these at all.


Although lifting weights is a good way to lose weight, it is not the first and only step. Therefore, these products should not be considered necessary for weight loss, and people who are looking for a weight loss product should look elsewhere for a solution.

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    Kenny Croxdale

    I purchased a Kono Waist Band a few years back. With in a couple months, it came apart.

    I contacted Kono about replacing since it was a Lemon.

    Kono basically stated that one you buy it, regareless if it defective or not, it yours.

    The take home messags is “Buyer Beware” when it comes to purchasing any product from Kono.

    Once Kono get your money, it forget you.

    Kenny Croxdale



    I have been using a tommy kono waist band for years and have not had any problems. They do wear out after a certain amount of time. I am curently on my third belt. I like this belt becouse of its material. I used to suffer horribly with back pain. All day, every day. But after the third day of wearing the belt my pain was gone. The reason it works so well is that it holds a tramendus amount of heat on your back. My back sweats all day.