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Tonalin CLA Gel Capsules are a form of conjugated linoleic acid. According to the product description, Tonalin CLA Gel will increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. This is a proven fat with clinical studies backing the claims. However, there are no links to clinical research included on the official website. We also found no mention of the potential side effects reported by people using CLA supplements.

Protein Factory sells for $16.49. This is an average price for a CLA supplement. Tonalin is a brand name. Other brands are available for less than Tonalin with the same effect. All CLA is derived from safflower oil. There is a negligible caloric load when taking Tonalin CLA.

Protein Factory supports direct from manufacturer ordering. Free trials are not offered by the company. We did not find any testimonials for Tonalin CLA Gel, but we found several clinical trials supporting fat loss and lean muscle growth claims. Studies suggest taking 3,400 mg of CLA per day for maximum effects. This supplement includes only 1,000 mg of CLA. Users are supposed to take three gel capsules per day, less than the amount used in clinical trials.

List of Ingredients

CLA derived from Safflower Oil.

Product Features

Conjugated linoleic acid has been around for many years. At first, Tonalin was the premier brand selling for more than $50 a bottle. Soon, supplement companies came out with their own brands and the price of Tonalin CLA dropped dramatically. Clinical trials show 3,400 mg of Tonalin CLA may reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass. The effect is not dramatic and no weight loss will result. The increased muscle will offset the decreased fat every time.

In order to achieve fat reduction and lean muscle gain, users must workout. This is not a supplement that changes the body without work being put into the transformation. Many dieters take CLA believing it will dramatically decrease weight, but that is far from true.

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  • CLA is proven to increase lean muscle and decrease fat tissue.


  • Not enough CLA is suggested per day to maximize effects.
  • Dieters must workout and eat right to lose fat.
  • This is not a miracle supplement as the product description alludes.
  • CLA side effects include stomach discomfort, gas, bloating and cramping.


CLA comes with more side effects than benefits. If the dieter is already working out, the body will transform. There is proof backing the reduced fat increased lean muscle claim, but this will not happen without hard work and a reduced calorie diet. Most dieters will see better results from taking a proven weight loss supplement with ingredients like green tea, caffeine and chromium. Tonalin CLA Gel will not boost fat burning ability or energy.

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