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Tonalin CLA Powder by Protein Factory is not your typical product. Tonalin CLA is often taken in gel capsule form. The description for Tonalin CLA Powder is interesting because it states the supplement will help prevent common side effects of low calorie eating (for weight loss). The listed side effects include hair loss, depression and skin rashes. We are not familiar with any such side effects associated with eating a lower calorie diet for weight loss. Protein Factory supports online ordering, but the products are typically priced higher than outside retailers. There are no testimonials for this product and no free trials are offered.

List of Ingredients

Tonalin CLA Powder.

Product Features

Tonalin CLA is conjugated linoleic acid. The most common source used in supplements is safflower oil. We are intrigued by the fact that Protein Factory has dehydrated the oil into a powder for this supplement and used it as the only ingredient. It is even more interesting that low calorie diets are supposedly associated with negative side effects.

The truth is that CLA is not an effective ingredient for weight loss. During the height of Tonalin’s popularity, it was touted as the best ingredient for fat loss. Supplement companies jumped on irrelevant studies and promoted their CLA products as the answer to weight loss. Subsequent studies proved that CLA was not as effective as it was once thought to be and side effects were revealed. People using Tonalin CLA reported stomach discomfort, gas and bloating.

Protein Factory’s Tonalin CLA Powder is listed for sale on the official website. The price is $65.00. This is much higher than other Tonalin CLA products.

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  • The ingredients are listed on the Protein Factory website.
  • Protein Factory Tonalin CLA Powder can be purchased online.


  • The product is currently out of stock.
  • Being out of stock at the manufacturer could mean the product is discontinued.
  • CLA is associated with stomach discomfort and gastrointestinal side effects.
  • The listed side effects associated with low calorie eating are not proven.
  • CLA will not likely increase fat loss.


Tonalin CLA Powder is just a powdered version of safflower oil. We are not sure why Protein Factory believes this supplement is more effective than gel capsules, but we know CLA is not an effective fat burner. Low calorie diets are not associated with skin rashes and depression. The price of the supplement and the fact that it is out of stock at the manufacturer are two more strikes against the supplement.

If a dieter wants to lose more fat, it may be a better choice to pick a proven fat burner. Proven fat burners have ingredients tested for efficacy like green tea, chromium and caffeine. None of these ingredients are included in Protein Factory Tonalin CLA Powder.

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