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Tonalin XS is a diet pill that is manufactured by Nature’s Way. This product has become particularly popular because of it’s main ingredient – CLA, otherwise known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Generally, this acid is found within meat and dairy produce and is a non-essential fatty acid. There have been claims that taking CLA can not only help with weight loss, but also in muscle gain and has been favored by both those that want to lose weight and also bodybuilders. There have been a couple of studies that have shown a link between weight loss and CLA, but as a general rule, the evidence is somewhat “sketchy” and other reports have said that there is not link. The claim that Tonlalin XS makes is that it can decrease your body mass while increasing your muscle tone. This is something that a lot of weight loss tablets manufacturers suggest for their products.


Tonalin XS contains CLA as mentioned above as well as Tonalin itself which is derived from Safflower seed oils. Each tablet also contains gelatin, glycerin, caramel and purified water.

Product Features

Although Tonalin XS claims to have some rather superb weight loss features, the scientific evidence that is needed to prove it seems rather weak. There is no ingredient that actually suppresses the appetite so this product seems to rely on CLA alone. Also, because the tablets are workable for both bodybuilders and weight loss seekers, there is a chance that the muscle that is not being used while taking these tablets will turn into fat. Generally stated, this is great for those that have the time to go the gym and work out. There are no stimulants contained in the tablets themselves, meaning that you will not experience side effects that are common with those that contain them. Tonalin XS is relatively cheaper than other brands of weight loss supplements but do not contain the comprehensive formulas that others may offer.

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  • May provide noticeable results for bodybuilders as this product might increase muscle mass.
  • Very cheap. 120 gelcaps costs less than $20.


  • The scientific data available on CLA, the main ingredient in this product, isn’t very thorough.
  • Tonalin XS does not contain an appetite suppressant.
  • This product is primarily marketed for bodybuilders who already have a diet and exercise program in place.


Tonalin XS seems like it may help those whose primary goal is to build muscle mass for bodybuilders and shed what little fat they do have. The third party reviews for Tonalin XS are mostly negative but for the average consumer who is trying to lose weight, this product won’t do much. If you are a bodybuilder, Tonalin XS might give you a slight edge but if you are looking for a normal weight loss product for an overweight person, you will have to keep looking.

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