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Tongkat Ali goes by several names including longjack and Eurycoma longfolia. The herb comes from a small tree typically found around Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Depending on where tongkat ali is used, the name may change to one of the local terminologies such as penawar pahit which means bitter charm. Research on tongkat ali has revealed several possible uses for the plant, but much of the local population where the tree grows use it primarily as a sexual aid for men.

List of Ingredients

Eurycoma longfolia tree.

Product Features

Various studies have been completed on the effects of tongkat ali on the animal and human population. Most of the studies have been in regards to the influence of tongkat ali on sexual function and libido. However, the increase in libido that has been noted in study participants is thought to be linked to an increase in testosterone.

If tongkat ali increases testosterone it could help men and women lose more weight. There is a down side to this for women. When testosterone raises in a woman’s body, it can reduce the effects of estrogen including those of the reproductive system. Side effects of lower estrogen and higher testosterone in women are similar to those of menopause. These symptoms may include fewer periods and reduced reproductive function. There have been no studies revealing the short or long term effects of tongkat ali on women.

Recent reports claim up to 90% of the tongkat ali sold on the Internet is fake. The actual ingredients in the supplements vary, but there is no tongkat ali in the formula. This could make tongkat ali a dangerous choice as the ingredients in the supplement may not be safe for all users.

Tongkat ali can be found in various strengths and formulations. The price range tends to fall between $13 and $42. Many experts in alternative therapy report that higher concentrations of tongkat ali are not likely to be as strong as the label claims. Anything over a 50:1 ratio should be questioned.

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  • Tongkat ali could increase testosterone levels in men.


  • If taken by women, tongkat ali could reduce the effect of estrogen.
  • No real weight loss connection.
  • Tongkat ali does not increase metabolism directly.


Tongkat ali is marketed as a sexual aid for men. The supplement may cause an increase in testosterone levels which could lead to more muscle mass and a faster metabolism. There is a risk when women take tongkat ali of having menopause like symptoms and reducing the ability to reproduce because the testosterone will overshadow estrogen. It is not likely that a dieter will see an increase in weight loss associated with taking tongkat ali.

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