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Tony Ferguson is an Australian pharmacist who has used his many years of experience to develop the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program. He researched other weight loss programs so that he could develop a thesis to why other weight loss programs fall short. Throughout his research he has developed a program that offers a nutritious and safe alternative to weight loss.

The Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program includes nutritious meals that are low in GI and include good carbohydrates. His program requires that two meals a day be replaced with one of his shakes or soups. The shakes and soups are comprised of 50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 20% essential fats and nutrients. The Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program comes with a meal guide that allows all meals to be cooked at home with fresh ingredients as long as they follow the meal plan guidelines which include a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Those on the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program are advised to take a chromium supplement, a multivitamin and a fiber supplement daily in order to reduce cravings and achieve optimal levels of essential vitamins and nutrients. His program states that no one will need to weigh their food or count their calories as long as they follow his program.

Product Features

The Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program includes the ability to visit one of his clinics to aid in the success of weight loss. His program also includes a support system that allows those on the program to visit any Kerr Drug location for guidance, weigh ins and additional advice on the program and weight loss. There is also a support forum where those on the program can go and discuss their successes and struggles with the program. Once those on the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program have achieved their desired weight there is a Maintenance Program available to help achieve long-term weight loss.

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  • The meals in the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program are high in protein.
  • High protein diets help keep people fuller longer thus decreasing the urge to overeat.


  • Those who are sensitive to high protein diets may not find this desirable.
  • Those who are following the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program will also need to take a
  • chromium supplement daily.
  • Those following this program will need to take a fiber supplement daily.
  • If you’ve had problems following diets in the past, this program is not significantly different.


The Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program may not be for everyone, but he claims much success with this program. All of the elements of this program may not stand out among the many weight loss programs available because they seem similar to many of the other weight loss programs on the market today. In the end it will depend on the needs and desires of the individual if they decide to try and lose the weight with the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program.

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13 User Reviews about Tony Ferguson

  • 1
    margaret hamilton

    Can you tell me the ingredients in fibre tablets . Thanks


  • 2

    Please can you advise me as to how to get the fibre down my throat as I find it makes the shake too thick


  • 3

    This program has done wonders for me, in a very short period of time.
    ~ Pales, South Africa


  • 4

    how much weight do you lose in the first week?


  • 5

    I would just like to say…going on a non carb diet and taking daily suppliments of fish tablets and protein shake including the exercise will assist you in losing weight…and the best part is that once you reach your goal you can start adding in the carbs and still not put on the weight….trust me it has worked for me!!!


  • 6
    dagga 1



  • 7
    joanne pearson

    I found the soups so digusting i was nearly sick! no wonder you lose weight! you cant eat it, and its not cheap!



    stop complaining. your not made to eat it. you cant expect everything to come cheap.



    I stupidly bought a large supply of the soups and have just had one, and it was vile!! So sweet and artificial tasting! Yuck!


  • 8
    Toan Tran

    registration no 0045213, Toan Tran. Using the products over 12 mths. Couple of days ago, found dead cockroach in pumpkin sachet. Inform Casuarina branch-NT, Rebecca- replace ONE sachet of pumpkin!!!


  • 9

    can a 14 yr old girl start this program?


  • 10
    maria walton

    Since using Tony Ferguson weight loss, my husband said I have a body odour. What can I do to prevent this??


  • 11

    can I purchase Tony Ferguson products on EbaY OR any place in the USA?