Tony Little Ab-Lounge Xtr Review

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

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The Tony Little Ab-Lounge Xtr is a piece of fitness equipment that focuses on the abdominal muscles, upper, lower, and obliques. This chair enables a person to work the abdominal core while keeping the back, head, and neck supported.

Tony Little is a bodybuilding champion who has built a fitness enterprise for himself, including pieces of exercise equipment to exercise videos.

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Product Features

The Ab-Lounge comes with a workout video that explains how to use the product in order to have the best results. The DVD has exercises for all three levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), working from two minutes of exercises up to six minutes.

The Ab-Lounge is available from Tony Little’s website for $159.95 but it can be found on other online retailers for about $120.

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  • This product gives much needed support to the back and neck, two parts of the body that frequently suffer during stomach exercises. People will appreciate that this piece of equipment allows them to work their stomach muscles without the negative side effect of the rest of their body.
  • The Ab-Lounge is made of a rolled steel frame that can support up to 275 pounds.
  • The chair can be customized to fit smaller people and there are also adjustable foot pedals for those who just begin using the Tony Little Ab-Lounge Xtr.
  • The Tony Little Ab-Lounge Xtr also comes with two meal guides to encourage healthy eating as well as a free one year membership to the Personal Trainer Toll Free VIP Helpline, which is valued at $149.99.


  • Although the Ab-Lounge is not a heavy piece of equipment, it is very difficult to fold up for storage. It does fold somewhat, but not enough to fit under a bed or in any sort of compact space.
  • The results that this product claims are somewhat exaggerated. If this product is used consistently and correctly, the abdominal core muscles will grow stronger, but that does not mean that the layer of fat on top of those muscles is going to disappear like many people expect it to.
  • This machine is designed for those who are less than six feet tall. People taller than this will not fit on the Ab-Lounge properly.
  • This product can only be shipped in the United States.
  • It is very easy for a person to use this piece of equipment in the wrong way. If people do not focus on using their stomach muscles instead of their arms and legs, they will not get the intended results.
  • Petite adults should be careful when using this piece of equipment not to move too far forward, because the chair can become jackknifed, trapping the user in a very uncomfortable and possibly harmful position. Young teenagers and children should also refrain from using this chair for the same reason.


The Tony Little Ab-Lounge Xtr sounds like a very helpful piece of fitness equipment that can be the easy solution to everyone’s weight loss problems. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although the product might be somewhat effective, there are enough flaws in it to prevent it from being worth the money.

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