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Have you ever looked at an inversion chair and wondered why people are so caught up on sitting upside down? When the body is inverted, pressure on the lower muscles and back is relieved. People who suffer from chronic pain, especially back pain, use inversion chairs and tables for this purpose, but the chairs and tables tend to be uncomfortable and rigid. Tony Little, celebrity personal trainer, has created the Tony Little Chair as a comfortable massage chair with the capability of an inversion chair.

Inversion is not a solution for weight loss, though pain may cause the dieter to skip workouts. If you suffer from chronic pain, it is best to seek medical advice. The Tony Little Chair will not cure the cause of the pain; it will simply help relieve the pain.

List of Ingredients

Heated massage/inversion chair.

Product Features

Imagine sitting in a chair with your feet slightly above your heart and heat/massage all around. Most of us cannot afford attending the local spa every night for a massage and heating pads are too small to cover the large areas of pain we may suffer. The Tony Little Chair is the ideal answer. Users simply sit in the chair and turn on the heat/massage. They can elevate legs above the heart to increase blood circulation and relieve pressure on joints and the spine. The result may be increased energy, pain relief and reduced inflammation and swelling.

In terms of price, the Tony Little Chair is more expensive than inversion chairs, but it does a lot more. The chair is one full unit, not a pad that lies in a chair in your home, like some heat/massage units. The maximum weight is 300 pounds. This limits the number of dieters who can use the Tony Little Chair.

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  • The Tony Little Chair is available online.
  • The chair heats and massages the body.
  • Inversion eliminates pressure on the lower body and spine.
  • May relieve pain temporarily.


  • Much more expensive than other products.
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • May require assembly.


The Tony Little Chair is an amazing tool for dieters who suffer from chronic pain. The chair is a bit expensive, however, and that could turn off a lot of dieters. In order to lose weight, the dieter needs to exercise and if pain is a constant problem, exercise is not being done. The Tony Little Chair is not a solution to the cause of pain, so a doctor may still need to diagnose the cause before suggesting a treatment. In some cases, weight loss relieves even more pressure, reducing or eliminating pain permanently. Tony Little also sell fitness equipment.

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