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Tony Little, considered America’s Personal Trainer, has jumped into the shoe market. When fitness shoes were first introduced, the world went crazy. All a dieter had to do was put on a pair of these curved sole shoes and their butt and calves would look great. The problem is that most of the shoes look like fitness shoes and the signature sole curve let everyone know you are trying to get fit while walking. Tony Little introduced the Cheeks like of shoes to combat these problems. Cheeks work like any other fitness shoe, but the curve of the sole is not as pronounced and the shoes are available in a multitude of styles that women can wear to work, out on the town and to the gym. We did not find Tony Little Cheeks for men, but we certainly believe a man like Tony Little will have a line soon enough.

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Fitness Shoes in Multiple Styles by Tony Little.

Product Features

Fitness shoes work by using the simple concept of movement. The bottom of the shoe is curved so the person wearing the shoes must use calf muscles, only slightly, to walk. Over time, these small contractions of the calf muscle add up and calves are defined. In addition, the shoes cause a contraction of the butt muscles, which is why Tony Little Cheeks are called Cheeks. These small movements will firm glute muscles and help raise the bottom just a bit.

The available styles for Tony Little Cheeks include sandals, flip flops, sneakers, Mary Janes, clogs and suede boots. The price is about 1/3 that of other brands. The dieter can expect to pay less than $30 for a pair of Tony Little Cheeks, while other brands sell for $100 or more.

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  • Works leg and butt muscles.
  • Sells for less than 1/3 the price of other brands.
  • Available for sale online.
  • Shoes run true to size.
  • Available in tons of cool styles.


  • May not be available in very small and very large sizes.
  • Some of the styles sell out very quickly.
  • Will not replace cardio exercise.
  • The dieter needs to eat right to support weight loss.


We love Tony Little Cheeks because they are affordable and that is important to most dieters. The shoes will work muscles no matter what the dieter eats, but using Tony Little Cheeks as part of a weight loss plan requires cardio exercise and a healthy diet. It is important to workout at least 3 times a week, but you can wear the Tony Little Cheeks every day without worrying about overworking the muscles of the legs.

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    Should u use suede spray protector?


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    i didn’t feel a difference but i work out regularly and i’m a runner. they do however remind me somewhat of the “earth “shoe from the 70′s the heel is a bit lower although not as low as the earth shoe. i remember when i first wore a pair of those my calves hurt, so i believe they strengthened my calves… so i think the cheeks probably do help.