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The best way to fully understand a piece f fitness equipment is to use the product and see the product being used. Tony Little provides comprehensive training DVD’s featuring one-on-one training and body part specific training.

The Tony Little DVD collection, found on the official website, offers user an opportunity to see Tony Little act as a personal trainer without the excess frill commonly see in other training DVD’s. With his You Can Do It attitude, Tony Little is poised to get dieters in shape.

List of Ingredients

Individual and box set of instructional DVD’s.

Product Features

The Tony Little DVD collect are individual and sets featuring exercise tips associated with the Tony Little product line. Each DVD is a one-on-one training session with Tony Little. He takes the dieter through the routines step-by-step while using the machine.

We found several of the Tony Little DVD collection repeats of the instructional videos offered after purchasing the fitness equipment. Performing exercises multiple times is one key to success, but investing money for the same routines is a waste.

We noticed that Tony Little is an international fitness celebrity, yet his Tony Little DVD is not available outside of the United States. We even noticed that the Tony Little DVD collection is not formatted to play outside of the United States, thus making them virtually obsolete overseas.

The price of the Tony Little DVD collection is relatively inexpensive, except the box sets. Individual DVD’s cost approximately $7 and box sets start at $60 for three DVD’s. If the Tony Little DVD offered new routines, this is a value. Since they don’t, we could not find a value in the Tony Little DVD collection.

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  • Individual DVD’s are inexpensive.


  • Requires purchase of the Gazelle elliptical machine.
  • Select DVD’s focus on spot reducing.
  • Box set are expensive.
  • Select DVD’s are obsolete.


The Tony Little DVD collection offers individual and complete box sets which target the entire body. Each DVD is a one-on-one training session with Tony Little, without the need for any extras or frills. What we found was more than half of the Tony Little DVD required purchase of the Gazelle elliptical machine. Unless the dieter owns the machine, the price of single DVD exceeds the value. All of the Gazelle elliptical machines feature exercise routines, so purchasing a Tony Little DVD increases the redundancy of exercises.

The price is reasonable for single DVD’s. We found them on the official website for as low as $7. The box set are more expensive, with sets starting at $60. If the Tony Little DVD collection offered different routines, then they would be of greater value. If the Tony Little DVD collection addressed the need for proper diet and supplementation as well as exercise, they would definitely be worth the money.

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