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When dieters look for high quality fitness equipment, they want improved features that correspond to results. They also want a product considered to be a value for their money. Someone who knows about high quality products is international fitness celebrity Tony Little. Throughout the years he has offered top of the line products at reasonable price.

One of the signature products from Tony Little is the Tony Little Elite, an upgraded product from the Gazelle elliptical line. Aside from the upgrades, the Tony Little Elite claims to burn additional calories while toning the entire body. We will see if the upgrades produce the desired results dieter’s look for in a product.

List of Ingredients

Zero-impact elliptical trainer.

Product Features

The Tony Little Elite is a zero-impact elliptical trainer featuring a heart rate monitor and adjustable pistons for added resistance. The motion of the Tony Little Elite is similar to previous models. Users simply move legs forward and backward while moving the handlebars. This motion allows for a complete body workout.

We found the weight capacity for the Tony Little Elite comparable to other fitness equipment. With a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs., the Tony Little Elite enable a vast majority of individuals the ability to use the product safely. We did find that stepping onto the Tony Little Elite could potentially be dangerous. The legs are free flowing, so they are not stationary like traditional elliptical machines.

The difference between the Tony Little Elite and other Gazelle models is the ability to fold for easy storage. Unfolded, the Tony Little Elite takes up 3 feet by 3 feet. The only concern we saw was the weight of the Tony Little Elite. At 61 lbs., this weight makes the machine difficult to move for some individuals.

The cost of the Tony Little Elite is truly expensive at $400. The cost conscience dieter could purchase a different model or simply join a fitness club for a lesser price. Although the dieter receives training videos, a diet plan and training card, we could not see where the Tony Little Elite is a value.

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  • Compact.
  • Pistons for increased resistance.
  • Zero-Impact.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Included diet plan.
  • Included training videos.


  • Free flowing legs.
  • Expensive.
  • Unsupported claims of weight loss.


We like the upgrades of the Tony Little Elite verses the original Gazelle elliptical machine. The pistons add another layer to low body exercises. We didn’t like that the power pistons only offered three resistance levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. All dieters do not fit into those three categories. We liked the attached heart rate monitor. It is important for any dieter looking to maximize weight loss to know their heart rate during cardiovascular exercises.

The price concerned us. At $400, we couldn’t see where the Tony Little Elite offered more than the original model causing the price to skyrocket by more than $250.

As a fitness expert, Tony Little should realize unsupported claims of weight loss are a red flag. The testimonials online proved that using the Tony Little Elite did not produce results, but rather proper diet and exercise.

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