Tony Little Elliptical Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Tony Little is focused on providing quality fitness equipment designed to improve the overall heal of the users. The product on his official website offer the user detailed information as well as access to the 24 hour online support. Several of the available products feature testimonials from actual users, but we did not find clinical research linking his products and actual weight loss. We like seeing studies proving the effectiveness of any fitness machine, unfortunately Tony Little does not offer this information.

One of the signature products from Tony Little is the Tony Little Elliptical. This zero-impact machine is sold on the official website as well as various third-party retailers. The success stories are present, but is this an effect product? We will see.

List of Ingredients

Zero-Impact elliptical trainer.

Product Features

The Tony Little Elliptical is a solid steel constructed zero-impact piece of fitness equipment. The product features free floating foot pads attached with a high-density cable. The movement of the Tony Little Elliptical is a simple forward and backward motion. The product is available with an instructional DVD offering varying workout techniques.

We did not find a maximum weight capacity for the Tony Little Elliptical. This is major concern for us. A fitness expert such as Tony Little should realize that not all fitness equipment is designed equally. We did like the zero-impact nature of the machine. This allows users with joint problems the ability to use the Tony Little Elliptical.

The compact nature of the Tony Little Elliptical allows users to place the product in small spaces without interfering with other items in the room. The Tony Little Elliptical takes up approximately 5 feet. In-use, the Tony Little Elliptical needs approximately 6 feet.

We found the Tony Little Elliptical pricey. For a base model not offering any additional attachments, $200 is expensive. Although we found the product on the official website, similar models were priced lower and offered more to the dieter.

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  • Zero-impact.
  • Compact.


  • Expensive.
  • No weight recommendations.
  • Diet plan not included.


We like the zero-impact nature of the Tony Little Elliptical. This basically means a dieter uses the machine without fear of feeling the effect of exercising on the joints. We would have liked to see the Tony Little Elliptical include a maximum weight recommendations. This is important for the beginner who exceeds the weight associated with other fitness equipment.

The compact nature of the machine is great for individuals with space constraints. Unfortunately, the Tony Little Elliptical does not fold for easy storage. The major concern we found with the Tony Little Elliptical is the price. Base models should not exceed models that offer dieters bonus features. Spending $200 could potentially deter the cost conscience dieter.

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