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Tony Little Homedics does not look like a fitness company at first glance. The company offers health and wellness products for better living, but that is just part of the Tony Little philosophy. The celebrity trainer believes in achieving the ultimate life from all sides, not just diet and exercise. Homedics is a company that sells health and wellness products from many different outside companies. The Tony Little Homedics line is not the only line on the official website.

There are currently seven items in the Tony Little Homedics line. All products are available from the official Homedics website.

List of Ingredients

Tony Little Homedics Products: Micropedic Sleep Pillow Jumbo, Micropedic Sleep Pillow Queen, Micropedic Body Pillow, Body Express Body Fat Scale, Micropedic Greatest Sleep Pillow, Micropedic Travel Pillow and Soundspa Lullaby.

Product Features

The majority of the products in the Tony Little Homedics line are pillows. The pillows are aimed at aligning the neck and spine so the dieter can have a good night’s rest. Rest and deep sleep are important during weight loss. This is the time when the body fights off free radical damage from exercise and supports cellular recovery.

The Body Express Body Fat Scale offers dieters a look beyond weight. The unit shows total body weight and body fat percentage. It also shows water weight and muscle mass. There are two programs – athletic and normal. Most people will use the normal setting, but athletes and bodybuilders use the athletic setting to offset some of the extra body weight that may be perceived as body fat instead of muscle mass. The scale gives an estimate for informational purposes only. There is little chance an actual body fat measurement would match the measurement by the Tony Little Homedics scale.

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  • Tony Little Homedics products support overall health and well-being.
  • The body fat scale gives dieters a baseline during weight loss.
  • Products are available on the Homedics official website.
  • Designed to support more than just diet and exercise.
  • Some products are offered with free shipping and handling.


  • Products cost more than $100 on average, including the pillows.
  • The scale may report incorrect body fat, water weight and muscle mass.
  • Tony Little Homedics products will not increase weight loss directly.


The Tony Little franchise is one rooted in the Gazelle and other workout equipment. Tony Little has always been about more than just exercise. He constantly reminds dieters that working out and eating right is just part of the equation. In order to live a healthy, happy, long life, you have to sleep well and focus on other important factors of living.

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    the homedics body fat scale keeps reading error 5 I did what the book said, used a damp cloth to moisten my feet, and it still keeps reading error 5?