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Tony Little claims to be “America’s Personal Trainer.” He has been popular in the area of bodybuilding since the 1980s. Today he has a line of fitness products to bring the gym home.

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Tony Little emphasizes the importance of healthy eating in order to lose weight. Some of his nutrition suggestions include eating a high amount of fiber, pairing carbs with protein, reducing white pastas and rice which are high-glycemic carbs, and eating four to six smaller meals each day.

Tony offers a membership to Ask Your Personal Trainer, which can either be a live person over the phone or the less expensive email option.

Tony’s exercise equipment consists of a few different pieces. The Gazelle Edge is a glider that focuses on working the entire body. The Rock ‘n Roll Stepper is a compact machine that rocks back and forth to work the buttocks and thighs. The Ab-Lounge Extreme is a chair that works the abdominal muscles.

Tony also offers dozens of workout videos to go with his equipment and also provide people with a personal trainer for other workout routines. Some other Tony Little products include massage products and therapy pillows.

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  • Tony’s website contains many testimonials and before and after pictures.
  • Tony provides advice in personal training and nutrition as well as providing a Personal Trainer Hotline He even gives advice on finding healthy fast food choices, which are practical for many people today.
  • His products can be purchased both online and in major retailers around the country.
  • Tony emphasizes the importance of both diet and exercise.


  • Although Tony Little’s website contains many before and after pictures, many of them show such a big change that they are hard to believes.
  • Product warranties are not offered for every product and when they are offered, they must be purchased separately. This fact makes people question the quality of the equipment if he will not cover them with a warranty.
  • Although Tony advertizes that his Gazelle is “whisper quiet”, users find that it soon becomes squeaky and requires frequent lubrication. Users have also found that other parts of this product are easily broken.
  • The Gazelle does not have resistance options, so people might prefer an elliptical machine or stationary bike that offers resistance for a harder workout in a shorter period of time.
  • Tony’s workout DVDs are incredibly challenging and will most likely be too difficult for many people to use.
  • Many users have found that the Rock ‘n Roll Stepper is frustrating to use because it does not stay on one place in the floor. Most of the room needs to be cleared in order for it to be used without bumping into anything.


Tony Little has built himself quite an empire in the bodybuilding and weight loss worlds. However, his products are not designed for people who are trying to lose weight as much as they are for people who want to get built. People who want to lose weight should probably look elsewhere for a product that will help them shed unwanted pounds.

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