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The Top 5 Fat Burner Reviews is a popular topic covered on many diet websites. Typically, if a website is selling or promoting one or more diet product like a supplement or weight loss program, that will be included on the Top 5 Fat Burner Reviews. This does not mean the Top 5 Fat Burner Reviews are offered with facts and figures to back up the fat burner. Instead, the website will work to promote the items for sale while mentioning other product that could or could not work to achieve weight loss success.

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If the search term “top 5 fat burner reviews” is entered into Google search 235,000 results are returned. Each website offers a different fat burner as the top choice for weight loss with Lipofuze, Liporexall and Adapexin-P appearing on the front page of results.

Lipofuze contains synephrine which is a cousin to Ephedra and a strong stimulant. While there are some good ingredients in the formula, like green tea, the effect of synephrine outweighs the benefit of the green tea.

Liporexall contains Advantra Z which is a brand name for synephrine. There is also caffeine and CLA in the supplement. Synephrine, as described above, can cause harmful side effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure. CLA has been linked to gastrointestinal discomfort and the added caffeine will just increase heart rate even more.

Adapexin-P does not contain synephrine but it does contain caffeine and PEA. PEA is a mood altering supplement that is not safe to consume if you have any history of mood disorders like anxiety or depression. The caffeine total is listed on the ingredient list as 199 mg per serving. We assume more than one serving would be taken a day. The name brand “wide-awake” pill Vivarin contains 200 mg of caffeine per serving as well.

When looking for the top 5 fat burner reviews it is important to take note of all the ingredients in each of the fat burners listed and research those ingredients. Another option is to find a third-party website that reviews diet pills and look for an unbiased review of the product. Multiple millions of dollars are spent on useless weight loss supplements each year including those supported as the “best” in top 5 fat burner reviews.

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  • Ingredient lists are often shared.


  • The top 5 fat burner reviews are often biased.


Consumers are taking control of the products they buy. Lists of the top 5 fat burner reviews do not necessarily list the top 5 fat burners. Many of these lists are biased and based on selling the same supplements named as the top 5 fat burners.

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