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Some weight loss products are touted as 100 percent natural and safe. This is the case with Top Grade Acai Extreme. This is a diet product that is specifically for men. If you are not familiar with Acai berries, they are a “super fruit” that comes from Brazil. These unique berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and also contain some protein and fiber. Moreover, these berries are often said to assist with weight loss. This is the claim made about Top Grade Acai Extreme as well. It can be taken daily, and should not cause side effects.


  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chromium

Product Features

Like many other Acai-based weight loss supplements available, Top Grade Acai Extreme aims to reduce excess body weight, increase energy levels, remove toxins from the body, and assist with internal cleansing. Furthermore, as with other Acai supplements, this product is offered as a “free trial.” However, you must keep in mind that your credit card number is taken, so you will likely be charged later on. The actual price of this supplement is not disclosed.

The three ingredients used in Top Grade Acai Extreme are Acai Berry Extract (fights free radical damage, provides fiber for digestive health, and may help flush toxins from the body), Chromium (helps regulate blood sugar levels to reduce hunger), and Green Tea Extract (this ingredient offers caffeine and antioxidants, which may help increase your energy and combat free radicals). Chromium may also help lower bad cholesterol levels, and Green Tea helps boost metabolic rates. Some “experts” claim that Acai can help prevent illnesses like cancer.

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  • This supplement contains Acai Berry Extract, which provides antioxidants.
  • You should notice an energy boost when taking this product.
  • Top Grade Acai Extreme contains Chromium.


  • This weight loss supplement is only for men.
  • The caffeine in this product may cause side effects like insomnia, rapid heartbeat, and jitteriness in some users.
  • The free trial offer is actually not free, since you will likely be charged within 30 days.
  • No official price is posted for Top Grade Acai Extreme pills.


This weight loss supplement is not so unique. Especially when you consider all of the Acai products on the market nowadays. While Top Grade Acai Extreme does contain some antioxidants to fight free radical damage, as well as Chromium to regulate hunger, it is not proven to reduce body fat. Furthermore, there is no official price listed for this men’s supplement. As for the free trial offer, you need to be aware that you will probably be charged within 30 days of acquiring Top Grade Acai Extreme, and the amount you will be charged is not given.

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