Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a means of accomplishing weight loss that was discovered and published by world renowned TV doctor Suzanne Gudakunst. She has published her secret in a book titled, “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.”

At her official website, she describes in graphic detail why people are still unhealthy and overweight even though more people are dieting and exercising and there are regular breakthroughs in the nutritional supplement industry.

List of Ingredients

N/A because the website does not give information on the program (e.g., what is taken or done).

Product Features

As explained by Dr. Gudakunst, the real reason that people are not losing weight even with diet and exercise is because of their body composition in the abdominal area. Down there, bacteria and worms latch onto digestive tract organs, taking up residence there and multiplying without getting flushed out of your system. She claims that doctors and health professionals have not been truthful because they want you to stay sick and unhealthy so you have to continue getting their products and services, thereby draining your wallet and building theirs. On the other hand, she claims to genuinely care that you become healthy and stay healthy for the duration of your life.

As her official website is a built in advertisement for her top secret product, the website divulges practically nothing as to what steps are involved in this top secret fat loss secret. There are testimonials there indicating that lots of weight may be taken off over months or weeks of time, there is no need to starve yourself, there is no need for feeling bad, and is very easy to carry out. Other websites report that it contains diet and nutritional tips, metabolic types, and how to lose weight.

The product comes with a full 8-week “ironclad” money back guarantee. There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will receive a full refund with no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the product. There are two options for purchasing the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. Option #1 is the Pro Version and is regularly available for $57. By purchasing within 7 days of your initial visit to the website, the cost drops to $37. Option #2 is the Hardcore Elite Version. It is for people desiring complete conquest of all fat caused by bacteria and worms. This program is said to declare all-out war against this unhealthy fat. It costs $87 regularly but is dropped to $57 by purchasing within the same seven-day time frame.

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  • Very informative website.
  • Created by a reputable and knowledgeable medical professional.
  • Comes with a money back and satisfaction guarantee.


  • Must buy the product in order to find out details.
  • Very little information about the actual product is divulged.
  • May be better products available (e.g., Truth About Six Pack Abs).
  • Product does not come with a free gift.


The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a detoxification program designed to clean out your bowels and help you lose weight. There is reason to be skeptical because of the lack of steps to the program at the website. However, there is a money back and satisfaction guarantee.

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