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One of the most common concerns amongst Americans is obesity. This is because a whopping 60+ percent of America is overweight. Needless to say, something has to be done. The first obvious step is to change eating habits. Eating healthier, and consuming a diet lower in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sugar will typically result in weight loss. Adding regular exercise to the mix is also wonderful for fat reduction. However, many people are still having some difficulty losing weight, and many are looking for a supplement or diet drug to assist them. This is why new diet pills and potential weight loss solutions are constantly popping up. Well, one option that you may not be familiar with is Topamax. It is taken by some people to aid with weight loss.


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Topamax is a prescription drug that comes in capsule or tablet form. It is commonly prescribed for conditions like epilepsy, migraine headaches, and other pains. It is regulated by the FDA, and is sometimes spelled Topomax. According to some clinical research done with Topamax, weight loss occurred in 21 percent of the people taking this drug. It can be taken in doses of 25mg to 400mg per day. However, you should note that this prescription product was not intended to aid with weight management.

There are some common side effects that occur when taking Topamax. These include loss of appetite, loss of concentration, difficulties with memory, and even loss of attention. Some more extreme side effects that have been experienced are glaucoma and metabolic acidosis (the blood becomes too acidic). Naturally there is no type of guarantee provided with this product since it is a prescription drug.

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  • This drug is regulated by the FDA, which is reassuring.
  • A doctor prescribes the amount he/she feels is right for you.


  • You need to see a licensed physician in order to acquire this drug.
  • You might experience side effects like memory loss and loss of attention.
  • This drug was not intended to be used for weight loss.
  • Some people experienced metabolic acidosis and/or glaucoma.


The drawbacks to Topamax are just too extreme to consider this prescription drug for weight loss. Furthermore, this is a drug that was originally intended for epilepsy and migraines. Not to mention you need to see a doctor to obtain this drug. There are over-the-counter weight loss products available with much less risk, and some even contain proven weight loss ingredients. Then there is the issue of the money-back guarantee. You will not get one with Topamax, but you will get one with other diet pills. Take the time to explore your other options.

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    Excellent review on TOPOMAX.. Are the mentioned side effects are true.