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Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review is a website offering fat burner and weight loss supplement reviews. The website is clearly marketing a select few supplements, which are listed as the top 10 fat burners of 2010. Among the promoted supplements are Apidexin, Phenphedrine and DecaSlim. The products do not appear to be linked to affiliate programs, but there is clearly a relationship between the supplements promoted and the company. offers strong stimulants, carb blockers and fat blockers – three supplements that either do not work or are stronger than most dieters can handle, as noted by a brief warning on Phenphedrine.

List of Ingredients

Reviews about fat burning and weight loss supplements aimed at increasing supplement sales.

Product Features

Shopping on is a difficult task. If the dieter wants to choose from the top 10 supplements listed on the main page, they can quickly click through and read a brief review about why the supplement is better or stronger than the competition. There are references, however, to at least 25 supplements proven effective at increasing weight loss. We could not find a single page that listed all supplements available for sale from All together, the website claims to sell more than 200 diet products – but where are they?

Each of the review pages offers information on a given supplement, an ingredient list and testimonials. None of the pages, however, are formatted the same. Most look as if the information was pulled directly from another website and posted on In order to test this theory, we looked for an official website for one of the products sold on the website – Dieter’s Cheating Caps. The official website for that product looked exactly like the information provided by There is no new information, as everything is just copied and pasted.

Product prices on range from $9.99 to $79.95. The best weight loss supplement available on the market, according to this website, retails for $44.95 per bottle. The lowest prices are only available if a dieter orders multiple bottles at one time.

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  • Complete ingredient lists make research easy for a dieter.
  • Prices are low on some supplements.
  • 100% money back guarantees are offered on most, or all, products.


  • Information is copied and pasted from official websites for each product.
  • There is no list of the 200 supplements offered.
  • Some supplements are strong stimulants while others are colon cleansers or detox supplements.

Conclusion clearly has a vested interest in selling the top 10 fat burners on their website. If we could find a list of the other 190 products they sell, the website may be a bit more believable. As it stands, the consumer is given a small list of products with regurgitated information.

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