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Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, there are quite a few weight loss products to consider at this point. Amongst the various supplements on the market today, you will find TorchD. This formula is pitched as a firming fusion that has drawn in many dieters and fitness enthusiasts alike. It can be purchased through websites like, and does not require a prescription.

A few things that TorchD is claimed to do that makes it unique are as follows; increases blood flow, minimizes fatigue, and assists with oxygen intake. This capsule supplement is stated to be the original Ergopharm Amp formula. Unfortunately there do not appear to be any reviews posted for TorchD from men and women who have used the product. Furthermore, there is no mention of a specific diet plan or workout regimen for this weight loss formula.

List of Ingredients

Theobroma Cacau Seed, Caffeine Anhydrous, Geranium Oil (constituent), and Dimethylpentalamine.

Product Features

TorchD is a weight loss supplement that is suitable for both women and men. This capsule formula is claimed to control the user’s appetite, burn away fat, heighten energy levels, improve blood flow, and even assist with mental clarity or cognition. TorchD is directed to be taken one to three times each day (a serving is one to four capsules). However, users should not take more than eight capsules in a single day’s time. In fact, the minimum dosage of one capsule should be taken in the beginning. One factor that makes TorchD different from many other dietary supplements is that it is intended primarily for “sports junkies.” In other words, this weight loss supplement is more for individuals who are heavy into fitness, exercising and athletics. However, it can also be used by men and women who are simply trying to get a more severe workout in. The cost of this product is around $30 (90 capsules in a single container).

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  • This dietary supplement is available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • TorchD may increase energy levels and aid with mental clarity.


  • One of the main ingredients found in TorchD is Caffeine Anhydrous, which is a stimulant and diuretic.
  • There are no testimonials presented to support the claims made about this formula.
  • Some users may have allergic reactions to certain components found in TorchD.
  • There is no solid money-back guarantee provided with this supplement.


In the end, a great deal comes down to what you want your weight loss supplement to accomplish, and what ingredients you wish to avoid. Be sure to keep in mind that TorchD contains Caffeine Anhydrous, which is a diuretic that may draw water off of the user’s muscles, as well as cause jitters and nervousness in some users. There are other dietary formulas on the market today that do not contain ingredients like this.

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