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Different people like to work out or focus on different areas of the body when exercising. This is often because people gain weight in different areas, and then strive to tone and trim those areas. This is why there are so many different fitness machines, exercise tools, and workout devices on the market today. You can literally seek out a fitness device that can assist you with specifically working on your arms, core, buttocks, back, legs, or abdominals. This brings us to the Torso Tiger. As you can guess, this is a workout tool that focuses on tightening and toning your torso or abdominal muscles.

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Torso Tiger is a compact exercise device that can be acquired online for $44.95. Apparently this was one of the many “As Seen On TV” products, and was originally offered for $99.95. According to distributors, this workout tool allows you to get a complete upper-body workout. However, you only do one simple exercise to get this workout. Put simply, your knees rest on a pad, and your hands each grip a handle on either side of the Torso Tiger. There are resistance bands on both sides of this device, and a wheel underneath the main part of the unit that has the handles. This way you simple push forward, while your knees remain on the pad, and your body shifts forward, putting stress on your core/torso.

The Torso Tiger is claimed to work out your chest, triceps, lower and upper abdominals, waist, shoulders, biceps, and back. When you purchase this product, you receive the Torso Tiger, an instructional guide, Bio-Glide Resistance Cables, and two built-in comfortable kneepads. Unfortunately there is no mention of a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with this product. Nor is there any mention of a healthy eating plan with the Torso Tiger.

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  • This is a compact device that can be used in the home.
  • The Torso Tiger may help work out your core.
  • This piece of fitness equipment can be acquired online with ease.


  • There are no customer reviews provided for the Torso Tiger.
  • There is no scientific research presented to support this device.
  • The Torso Tiger does not work out your legs and buttocks.
  • There is no mention of a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this product.


Like many other pieces of workout equipment available nowadays, the Torso Tiger appears a tad gimmicky. Sure, this device may assist you with firming and toning your torso to some degree. However, it may also end up stored away in your garage. As you can see, the Torso Tiger is not supported by any scientific research, and it is not even sold with a satisfaction guarantee. This alone may deter some dieters from buying this product.

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    V. Burton

    Where can I purchase a new Torso Tiger. I wore my other one out.