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If you are sick and tired of gyms and fitness centers, you really do not have to bother with them at this point. There is no reason to pay monthly fees and waste your time driving back and forth to the local gym, just to get in a workout. Nowadays you can choose from so many different fitness machines and exercise devices that can be used in the home. Many of these fitness tools are compact, easy to operate, and are cheaper than gym memberships in the long run. One exercise product that you may want to consider is Torso Track 2. It can be found online via the As Seen On TV website, and is suitable for women and men alike.

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Product Features

Torso Track 2 is a device that endeavors to help you get tighter abdominal muscles, strengthen your core, and workout your back, shoulder, and arm muscles all at once. It sells for $199.95, and comes with a 90-day limited warranty. If you check out the official website for this product, you will see it is endorsed by actress, Suzanne Somers. This device basically consists of a track with handles on either side, and kneepads in front of it. This way you can kneel down on the cushioned kneepads and grip the handles of the Torso Track 2. At this point, you simply push forward and then retract. This works out your torso.

Unlike some core/torso exercises, the Torso Track 2 is supposed to provide the correct positioning, and make the exercise comfortable. The dimensions of this machine are 47.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 5 inches, and the weight is 12 pounds. It is smaller than the original Torso Track, and only utilizes two resistance bands. This fitness tool adjusts to four different intensity levels, and is easy to store. You are guaranteed to get the perfect form every time you use the Torso Track 2, and it works out your core regardless of the direction you move in.

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  • This product comes with a 90-day limited warranty.
  • The Torso Track 2 is suitable for both women and men.
  • This fitness device allows you to get proper positioning.


  • This workout device does not exercise the legs.
  • No customer testimonials were found on the main website.
  • There is no mention of a satisfaction guarantee.
  • No healthy diet plan is incorporated.


Overall, the Torso Track 2 is one of many fitness devices that are claimed to provide a great core workout. However, you should notice that this product is not supported by a satisfaction guarantee, and there are no customer testimonials posted. It is certainly wise to compare a variety of workout machines and devices prior to buying one to use in your home. This way you will likely get the one you want and will use regularly.

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    Have had the Torso Track 2 for many years. Just love it. Where can I find replacement resistance bands?