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Tortured Clothing Company offers high-quality t-shirts for the serious athlete. It gets its company name on the basis of the avid weightlifter that is constantly in the gym seeking to conquer lifting that weight that has eluded his grasp for so long. He has unsuccessfully tortured his muscles in attempting to lift that weight. When he finally succeeds, he experiences temporary pain but a greater sense of accomplishment. Tortured Clothing Company provides t-shirts for these hardcore athletes.

There are three series lines: the Elite series, the Inked series, and the Training Series. All t-shirts feature some kind of metallic design on them.

List of Ingredients

N/A since they are t-shirts and not a dietary supplement.

Product Features

The Training Series contains the largest selection of t-shirts. All eight feature the metallic design along with the company name. Four t-shirts are available in black. Additionally, there is one silver, one charcoal, one white, and one red. Three of the t-shirts feature a rising phoenix bird. Three other t-shirts have an “inner duel” design on the shirt. The cost of shirts in the Training Series are all $19.99 with the exception of one that is available for $29.99. It is a long-sleeve shirt. All the rest are short sleeve. All the t-shirts in the Training Series line range in size from medium to extra large. There is one ladies’ shirt in this series line that ranges from small to large.

Tortured Clothing Company has two t-shirts from which one can choose in the Elite Series. One shirt is black and is titled the “tortured soul” t-shirt. It features a skeleton on the front. The other one is charcoal and is titled “loyalty.” Both these t-shirts cost $34.99 and are available in medium, large, and extra large.

There is one t-shirt in the Inked series line with a soon-to-be-released second. The first is a white t-shirt titled “Slayer.” It features a skeleton on the front. The soon-to-be-released second is a black t-shirt titled “No Dishonor.” It features an elaborate design on the front. Both t-shirts are available for $29.99. The first t-shirt is available in medium, large, and extra large. Available sizes are not disclosed for the second t-shirt.

Tortured Clothing Company offers a deal. Anyone who purchases two of their t-shirts receives a free Tortured Clothing gym bag.

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  • Shirts are made of American apparel.
  • Fashion fitted.
  • Durable neck bands.
  • Free gym bag thrown in with the purchase of two t-shirts.


  • Eerie company name.
  • Eerie designs.
  • Shirts are best suited for one type of person: bodybuilders.
  • Some t-shirts are on the expensive side.


Tortured Clothing Company produces t-shirts for serious bodybuilders. Their shirts are not primarily designed for people outside this group. Of course, that does not forbid someone from ordering them if they want to wear head-turning, wonder-provoking t-shirts around town. Your own personal clothing style comes into play. Some t-shirts are on the expensive side but with the purchase of two, a free gym bag is enclosed.

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