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What You Should Know

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Total Body Purge is a liquid formula manufactured and distributed by the North American Herb and Spice Company. This company is connected with Dr. Cass Ingram, a specialist in osteopathy who is the author of several books about eating right. This company is also well-known for its Oregano Oil.

Total Body Purge is designed to clean out organs of the digestive system (e.g., liver, kidneys, etc.). It will “purge” the body of harmful toxins and bacteria that take lodging inside there, producing belly bulge or other health problems. It is designed to increase energy and promote a healthy digestive system.

The cleansing and detoxifying of the colon is of vital importance. According to a magazine article on colon health, colon cancer kills more men and women in the United States than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and AIDS. Colon health declines as one gets older. It is estimated that the average person only uses 10% of the nutrients they receive from their food. Over time, plaque builds up, preventing the villi (responsible for absorbing nutrients) from doing their job because of the hardened plaque.

List of Ingredients

Total Body Purge consists of a mix of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, they include apple cider vinegar, olive oil, high bush cranberry extract, black seed oil, dandelion leaf, fireweed extract, burdock leaf, nettles, sage oil, fennel, rosemary oil, and cilantro.

Product Features

Total Body Purge may be used sporadically or periodically. Using one tablespoon at breakfast every couple days here and there will do some cleansing. Using one ounce it for twelve consecutive days will produce total detoxification of the digestive tract and its organs. It is recommended to take it daily. The product comes in a liquid form and may be added with food or water.

The ingredients are a proprietary blend of twelve ingredients. The ingredients perform three functions. They cleanse the intestinal tract, work as a diuretic, and build cells. Cleansing and detoxifying promotes increased energy levels even though you may eat less than you had prior to taking a detoxification supplement.

A 12-ounce bottle of Total Body Purge is available online for prices ranging from $43.00 to $52.00. At the official North American Herb and Spice Company, it is available for $63.99. If you take the recommended one ounce daily, this bottle will last for 12 days.

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  • Established by a reputable doctor with a reputable company.
  • It is all-natural.
  • Easy and convenient to take (daily, liquid form).


  • Product is expensive.
  • Does not emphasize the importance of diet and exercise.
  • Ingredient amounts and functions are unknown.
  • Side effects include headache and bloating.
  • Product does not come with a free gift.
  • There is no money back or satisfaction guarantee.


Total Body Purge is a product of the North American Herb and Spice Company. The company has little information at its official website about this product. It comes from a reputable doctor and company.

Not knowing the precise amounts of each ingredient in this blend counts against it. It may or may not be worth it to spend the money on a product you do know all about. There may be better colon and digestive tract cleansers out on the market.

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    George S Esteban

    This is one of the most amazing products for cleansing that I have ever come across. The product for me has done what it says and would recommend it to anyone willing to cleanse and reset the body.