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Total Body Research Labs is a research company that specializes in finding various applications for the drug Colostrum. This drug has been applied to many different things, all meant to help your body naturally balance itself. Some of the applications that have been made with this drug include benefits for anxiety, inflammation, immune health, digestive health, and circulatory health.

While none of the products that Colostrum has been applied to are directly meant to cause weight loss, many of them have the effect of encouraging weight loss by cleansing the user’s body. Since Total Body Research Labs is based on the drug Colostrum, this article will deal with Colostrum specifically, and the various applications as extensions of the first.

List of Ingredients

Colostrum is one unit and so cannot be said to truly have ingredients. Colostrum is a form of milk produced by mammals in late pregnancy, and the type most often used as a dietary supplement is bovine Colostrum. It is high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies, and low in fat.

Product Features

The natural supplement used by Total Body Research Labs are promoted for various reasons. The first major advertised benefit is to the immune system. Colostrum contains active ingredients that can help boost the body’s natural immunities. Second, the supplement is advertised to help reduce signs of aging. It is also supposed to help the body’s metabolism, which is the reason that it is often used as a dietary supplement. Researchers claim that there is a twenty-three percent increase in the burning of fat for people who use Colostrum.

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  • Total Body Research Labs has used Colostrum in a wide variety of supplements, so you can look over what they have to find what you need.
  • In addition to helping with weight loss, the supplement is said to have major health benefits.
  • While the drugs made with it are not, Colostrum is an entirely natural supplement.


  • This company is not mainly focused on weight loss.
  • This supplement still requires you to put in a good amount of work, and will not make the pounds fall off by itself.
  • The supplement contains ingredients that cause a laxative effect..


The supplements offered by Total Body Research Labs are meant for a wide variety of reasons. While you may want to look into this supplement if you have tried others, it would probably be better to try something else to start with. Colostrum is not intended solely, or even specifically, for weight loss. The natural ingredients in the supplement may help you along on a regular program of diet and exercise, but it cannot stand alone as a diet unto itself. If you do consider Colostrum, be sure to look into other ways to help the weight loss along.

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