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The Total Gym is marketed as a home gym that provides a complete workout without the need for free weights. The dieter using the Total Gym 2000 simply uses their body weight as resistance. The resistance levels are 4% to 60% of the user’s body weight, depending on the angle of the machine.

The machine is a great alternative for the novice weight trainer looking to use a product without fear of hurting themselves with free weights. With a price tag of $600, is the Total Gym 2000 truly a value?

List of Ingredients

Pilates-style home gym designed to provide a full body workout without the use of free weights.

Product Features

The Total Gym 2000 is a foldable glide board home gym that uses the body weight of the user as resistance instead of free weights. This model is the basic in the Total Gym line. No additional accessories are available with the Total Gym 2000. The only item available with the product is an instructional DVD.

Home gyms providing height and weight guidance allow the dieter to decide if the equipment fits their particular body size. The maximum weight and height guidance for the Total Gym 2000 is 250 lbs. and six feet. Although the recommendations are available, the guidance does exclude dieters outside of this range. What we found is the Total Gym 2000 does not provide information regarding exercises as it relates to the height and weight recommendations. Certain exercises could potentially be dangerous when the machine is fully extended.

We like the compact design of the Total Gym 2000. Folded, the Total Gym 2000 measures a mere seven inches. This allows for easy storage once an exercise routine is completed.

The price is relatively expensive considering no accessories are included with the Total Gym 2000. At $600, a price conscience dieter could easily be deterred from purchasing the machine. With such a steep price tag, a dieter could purchase a membership at a local health club and receive more for their money.

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  • Available on the official website.
  • 30-day trial.
  • Instructional DVD included.
  • No assembly required.
  • Space saver.


  • Expensive.
  • Complaints of overcharging credit cards due to the 30-day trial.
  • No add-on accessories.


The Total Gym 2000 is the basic model featuring no additional upgrades. With a steep price tag of $600, a dieter should expect more. The only accessory is an instructional DVD. A cost conscience dieter could easily join a health club and reap the benefits of personal trainers and fitness equipment designed to improve overall health and well-being. We also found the Total Gym 2000 not a viable option to a dieter that does not fit into the height and weight recommendations. Someone taller than six feet and weighing more than 250 lbs. is excluded from using the Total Gym 2000.

Although the Total Gym 2000 does not offer accessories, we did like the fact the machine uses body weight as resistance instead of free weights. The use of free weights is potentially dangerous for the dieter not accustomed to using free weights.

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