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Work and tone your body in the comfort of your home. This is the marketing strategy behind the Total Gym Core. The product touts itself as the secret to fighting the battle of the bulge. Can one machine actually assist a dieter looking to lose a substantial amount of weight? Hollywood stars Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris claim the Total Gym Core is the answer.

List of Ingredients

Total Gym Core unit with workout chart, instructional DVD and abdominal core unit.

Product Features

The Total Gym Core abdominal unit is a innovative piece of exercise equipment designed to work the entire body by using body weight instead of traditional weights or resistance bands. Additional equipment included in the purchase includes the abdominal core unit, nutritional guide, instructional DVDs, crunch attachment and leg pulley attachment. A standard one year warranty applies. The Total Gym Core is not available to ship to Canada.

The established weight limit on the Total Gym Core is 275 lbs. We like the transparency of establishing a weight restriction. We did find that even though there is a limit, this could potentially exclude a portion of the population looking for a low impact exercise designed to assist in weight loss.

The size of the Total Gym Core should not be an issue. Opened, the Total Gym Core stands approximately 4 feet tall and 7 feet long. Closed, the unit measures 9 inches tall and approximately 4 feet long. The Total Gym Core easily fits into a closet or underneath a bed for storage. Weighing only 61 lbs. the Total Gym Core is easily transportable.

We could not find the Total Gym Core on the official Total Body website. Ecommerce site sell the Total Gym Core for $300. The price is comparable to the original Total Body unit.

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  • Supports 275 lbs.
  • Includes instructional DVD.
  • Includes abdominal attachment and leg pulley attachment.
  • Nutritional guide.
  • Provides workout guide.
  • Online testimonials.
  • Compact.
  • Portable.
  • Limited assembly.


  • Cannot ship internationally.
  • Exercises may require prior strength.


What is there not to like about the Total Gym Core. This product embraces all of the necessary components of a healthy lifestyle. The dieter receives a light weight exercise equipment as well a nutritional guide. The Total Gym Core also provides a workout guide to assist dieters new to this type of exercise. On the surface the Total Gym Core is one of the best fitness products on the market, but we found discrepancies in this machine.

For starters, the Total Gym Core doesn’t address the need for upper body strength. When the machine sits at a 45 degree angle, not everyone has the ability to perform the moves, with or without a guide. There is also the fact that at that particular angle, will every dieter have the ability to safely exit the equipment? Even the best intentions are flawed by a poor design. Dieters should be cautious with a product which doesn’t market to the masses.

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    ali obaidan

    dose it work for lower back for some one have a lower disc