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Total Gym is one of the most popular names in fitness equipment. The company sells a long list of home fitness equipment, but few of the pieces are designed for beginners or overweight users. The Total Gym Power Tower claims to hold users up to 350 pounds, but getting into and out of the machine may be very difficult for some users of that weight. There is no diet information or supplements suggested with the Total Gym Power Tower, so the dieter is left with a workout and no supportive literature.

List of Ingredients

Commercial-grade home fitness equipment designed for sports-specific training and physical therapy.

Product Features

The Total Gym Power Tower is a commercial-grade home gym designed to offer versatility and sports-specific conditioning. Maximum user weight is listed at 350 lbs. and the height limit is 6’5”. Not addressed was the functionality of the Total Gym Power Tower when the user is at the weight/height limit. We found exiting the Total Gym Power Tower an issue when the user is at the maximum weight.

The foldable design makes the Total Gym Power Tower compact. The maximum space needed for the Total Gym Power Tower when unfolded is 7 feet by 3 feet and folded is 2 feet by 3 feet. Unfortunately the weight of the machine does not allow for ease in transportation. Even though the product contains wheels, the 218 lb. machine may require additional individuals to move across a room.

The Total Gym Power Tower is expensive. At $4,900, the Total Gym Power Tower is not a machine for the cost conscience dieter. The price tag equals approximately 12 years at a health club. The Total Gym Power Tower does not equate to a value.

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  • Space saving design.
  • Adjustable inclines.
  • Provides user height and weight restrictions.
  • 30-day trial.
  • Utilizes 72% of the users body weight.


  • Expensive.
  • Claims not supported by clinical research.
  • Adjustable inclines.


We like the Total Gym Power Tower. We found Pilates-style effective when combined with proper diet and supplementation. Unfortunately, we did not find any scientific research proving the effectiveness of the Total Gym Power Tower. The product claims to increase metabolism, reduce BMI and promote weight loss. If the Total Gym Power Tower offered a comprehensive diet plan along with the exercise guide, the state would be a bit more believable.

The Total Gym Power Tower doesn’t take into account the needs of each individual user. Say the dieter has more weight to lose verses the physically fit athlete, are the exercises the same? Plus, the Total Gym Power Tower is not necessarily designed to accommodate the user at the upper limit of the weight range. When the Total Gym Power Tower is positioned at the maximum height, will the user have the ability to exit the machine safely?

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