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In the world of low-impact fitness, the Total Gym is king. The company offers several models designed to get users in shape without the need for traditional free weights. The selling point of the Total Gym is the user-generated resistance. With a slight move of the incline, the resistance level increases from 4% to 54%. Compared to earlier models, the Total Gym XLS offers several upgrades and attachments. With a price tag of $900, is the Total Gym XLS worth it?

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Total Gym featuring multiple upgrades and several attachments.

Product Features

The Total Gym XLS is one of the newest models in the Total Gym line of home gyms. The product features upgrades pulley system designed to hold more weight, an extra padded glide board for increased comfort and multiple attachments and accessories. The features include several exercise DVD’s, nutrition guide, Pilates kit, squat stand, leg pulley attachment and wing attachment.

The weight capacity increased to 400 lbs. verses the industry norm of 250 lbs. This allows a greater percentage of dieters access to the Total Gym XLS. We found that although the weight capacity increases, not all of the exercises are designed for individuals of all sizes. Certain exercises require prior knowledge of a Pilates-style machine and prior weight training.

The Total Gym XLS maintains the space saver design of the originals. Folded, the Total Gym XLS is approximately 4 feet long and 9 inches tall. Unfolded, the Total Gym XLS is 7 feet long with a height of just less than 4 feet. This is ideal for space conscience individuals.

We found the cost expensive. On the official website, the Total Gym XLS retails for $900. Although upgrades are available verses the original, the machine itself is the same as the base models. With a price tag that steep, a dieter could join a health club for more than three years.

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  • No need for free weights.
  • 400 lb. weight capacity.
  • Available on the official website.
  • Exercise and nutritional guide included.


  • Expensive.
  • Claims not supported by scientific research.
  • Limited warranty.


We like the Total Gym XLS. Not because of the included accessories or the upgrades verses the original model, but because of the low-impact nature of the machine. Regardless of features offered by the Total Gym XLS, dieters of any size will find the machine more accessible than traditional home gyms. With user-generated resistance, the individual has the ability to progress at their own pace. We also liked the inclusion of a diet and exercise guide. A high quality product should possess both in order to assist the novice dieter in achieving their weight loss goals.

The downside of the Total Gym XLS is the price. With all of the upgrades, one should expect a steeper price tag, but $900 is expensive to any cost conscience dieter, especially when similar models retail for hundreds of dollars less.

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