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The Total Health Makeover is a program by Marilu Henner. Marilu Henner is an accomplished actress, best-selling author and full-time mother. Ms. Henner suffered for years being overweight and in bad health. She began authoring books chronicling her journey to good health and well being. She wrote her best-selling book Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover in 1998. The Total Health Makeover is Ms. Henner’s program of diet, exercise and lifestyle to change the consumer’s health. Ms. Henner maintains a website outlining this program with basic information, recipes, and support.


Not Applicable. The Total Health Makeover can be found on the website or in Ms. Henner’s best-selling book of the same name.

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The Total Health Makeover works on all aspects of the consumer’s life. This includes Food, Fitness, Family and Friends, Finances, Home and Business, and Beauty and Fashion. There are 10 Steps to the Total Health Makeover. The first is to watch for chemicals in the food eaten, and eat more organic and natural foods. The second is to cut back and cut out caffeine and nicotine. The third is to replace processed sugars with natural alternatives such as honey and molasses. The fourth is to limit or eliminate red meat, and eat organic or free range poultry and ocean fish instead. The fifth is to avoid dairy products. The sixth is to combine foods for easier digestion, such as eating fruits at breakfast, protein and vegetables at lunch, and whole grains and vegetables for dinner. The seventh is to reduce the fat eaten, avoid saturated and trans fats. The eighth is to exercise daily. The ninth is to sleep enough. The tenth is to do everything with gusto, meaning live with enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude.

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  • The Total Health Makeover works on all aspects of the consumer’s life.
  • The Total Health Makeover information is available on a dedicated website and in print.


  • The Total Health Makeover website does not offer clinical or scientific information about the plan.
  • The Total Health Makeover does not have specific information about how to do the program on the website.


The Total Health Makeover is a program developed by Marilu Henner. The program works on all aspects of the consumer’s life. The website offers recipes using the requirements of the program, and customer testimonials about the program. The consumer should be aware that natural and organic foods may be more expensive than their normal groceries. There is no scientific or clinical information specific to this plan available. The program was developed by Marilu Henner, who is an actress, not a healthcare professional. Consumers should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting a program with these dietary restrictions, especially if suffering from chronic health conditions.

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