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The Tower 200 by Body by Jake is a portable fitness machine that attaches to any door in the home. The unit offers a pulley system with resistance and a wall poster with a complete workout. There is an optional stand sold by Body by Jake creating a more permanent workout machine. The website gives the visitor access to more than 200 exercises. There are before and after photos with testimonials on weight loss and muscle growth. There is a ton of positive press on the official website, but will the dieter be able to lose weight using the Tower 200 by Body by Jake?

List of Ingredients

Portable workout machine with resistance bands / pulleys.

Product Features

All the dieter needs is a door and they can have an instant workout machine. The Tower 200 by Body by Jake comes completely assembled so the dieter does not have to worry about feeding pulleys and screwing together a million tiny parts, like some other resistance machines. The unit slides over the top and bottom of a door and is instantly ready to use. This is a weight training machine, but using lower weight and faster repetitions could create a cardio workout.

There are some problems with the Tower 200 by Body by Jake. If the bottom edge of the door is flush with the floor, the bracket will not slide in place. The same goes for the upper edge of the door and the door frame. In some cases, even a small space is not big enough to allow the door to close with the Tower 200 in place.

The Tower 200 comes with 200 pounds of resistance with an optional 80 pounds offered free through special offers on the official website. The Tower 200 is offered with a 30 day trial for $14.95. The buyer agrees to pay an additional $160 if the product is not returned. If the unit does not fit on the door, the buyer must pay return shipping and handling.

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  • Portable gym with more than 200 pounds of resistance.
  • The cost is less than full home gyms.


  • Pricing information is not revealed unless the dieter fills in personal information.
  • The buyer must pay to send the unit back if it does not fit.
  • No information on the Tower 200 by Body by Jake standalone frame.


The Tower 200 by Body by Jake is an inexpensive piece of fitness equipment that could enhance home workouts. Resistance is considered a weight bearing exercise, so the dieter does not have to worry about bulking up from free weights. Before ordering, make sure the unit will fit on the doorway or there will be a price to pay (return shipping and handling) to send the unit back.

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    I have the tower 200 and it does not fit my door, does this mean it does not adjust and I have to return it? If that is the case I am disappointed. I did not realize there were so many different door sizes. I thought it was standard.