Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout Review

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The Tracy Anderson Method Present Mat Workout is as close to beginner as Tracy Anderson gets, but that doesn’t mean the program is not intense. The workout involves using a mat, thus the title. Tracy Anderson focuses on small muscle groups, not large muscle groups. Most workouts focus on large muscles to increase heart rate and calorie burn, but Tracy thinks this leads to bulky muscles and a bulky body. Working smaller muscle groups is her secret to achieving a lean body and losing weight naturally. There is no diet included with this program. Dieters need to eat less and move more to lose weight, otherwise working out is not going to have the effect Tracy claims. It is important to note that anyone can follow this program, but the moves include repetitious squats and other joint heavy movements. This could cause pain for some followers.

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Mat workout by Tracy Anderson.

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There is very little information on the Tracy Anderson Method Present Mat Workout. We did find brief videos online showing some of the moves included in the workout. It appears much of the workout is repetitious and could grow boring in a short while. Tracy Anderson is known for focusing on smaller muscle groups to create a lean, thin figure. For this reason, many people use the Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout in addition to other workouts to tone muscles not hit during cardio and weight training.

The DVD workout runs 62 minutes. This is a bit longer than most beginners are able to follow without stopping. The program should be approached in shorter segments until the entire DVD can be followed without stopping. Attempting to follow the entire workout from the beginning could cause increased pain and a dangerous rise in heart rate for extreme beginners or overweight dieters.

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  • The DVD is available online through several trusted retailers.
  • May be followed by beginners with caution.


  • Does not include a diet program.
  • Not designed for people with joint problems.
  • Does not focus on major muscle groups.


We like the idea of toning the body by working smaller muscle groups, but the Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout may not be for everyone. This DVD lasts more than one hour. That could be too long for most beginners. Ideally, a beginner would follow the first 10 minutes of the workout and add 10 minutes a week until they are able to follow the entire workout from the beginning.

As is the case with all workout DVDs, weight loss involves more than following a workout. The dieter must eat right and include weight training exercises.

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