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Tracy Anderson is the author and star of the Tracy Anderson Method. The Method aims to change the way the reader (or viewer) looks at physical fitness. The official website offers a few free things for the dieters like an integrated music player with all of Anderson’s favorite tracks. The store sells branded merchandise, Anderson is a business woman. The Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout aims to help the new mom shed those extra pounds as soon as the doctor says exercise is okay. According to Anderson, “your entire body needs to reconnect.” We are unsure if reconnected means hitting the ground with a fitness DVD the first day the doctor gives the green light, but to each postpartum woman her own.

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Workout program for postpartum women.

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Tracy Anderson gained a whopping 60 pounds while pregnant. This number seems outrageous, but there are a few details missing. Did the trainer suffer from gestational diabetes? Did she give birth to twins? There are medical reasons why a woman with such a small stature would gain 60 pounds, but we are left to assume this is a bad thing. The Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout does not reveal any details about the workout plan. The cover picture shows a less than pregnant Anderson, but that is as far as the details go. We even looked at the product description on and there was only one sentence about the DVD. We wonder why the contents of the DVD are so secret?

Consumer reviews fill in the spaces. The DVD is 45 minutes long and offers a tough total body workout. There are quite a few exercises focusing on the abdominals. This will not help shrink the tummy after having a baby as target reduction is a myth. Pregnant women need to ease back into fitness, especially after having a C-section. This workout may be extremely too hard for a woman who is six weeks post-partum.

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  • Promotes exercise after having a baby.


  • Costs just less than $30 for one workout.
  • No details are listed on or the official website.
  • The “tough” workout lasts 45 minutes.
  • A good portion of the video includes abdominal exercises.


We are not happy with the way Tracy Anderson claims a woman need to start working on her body as soon as the doctor says exercise is okay. After nine months of pregnancy, the body needs a bit more than six weeks to recover enough to jump off the couch and workout for 45 minutes straight. Most fitness professionals suggest starting slowly and easing abdominal and pelvic muscles back into shape.

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    I started the Anderson Work out after 3 months of having my daughter and i am happy with the results. i lost 2 kilo’s in the first 2 weeks. Even though its hard it works so stop being so negative about it! it probably doesnt say much because it is a really intense workout and if i read about it i would have been discouraged as well. i gained quite alot of weight while i was pregnant as well but my tummy, legs and bum are all toning up nicely.
    i will say if you dont exercise as a regular thing and try to just jump into this dvd you are probably going to hurt yourself, i recommend walking for the first couple of months to get your body ready. Great fitness work out i always feel so refreshed after!