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Tracy Anderson moved to New York at 18 to start a dancing career. After gaining weight, she designed a computer program to help her manage her weight while maintaining a healthy diet. Her career as a dancer never quite took off, but she did develop a series of fitness and weight loss solutions. Currently, Tracy Anderson owns and operates two studios – one in New York and another in Los Angeles. Anderson’s workouts focus on smaller muscle groups in an attempt to increase strength and lean tone without building bulk. She has released three DVDs and one book.

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Diet and fitness guru.

Product Features

The newest program released by Tracy Anderson is the Metamorphosis series. According to the product description, the 90-day DVD series contains nine DVDs designed to defy genetics and help the follower achieve the ideal body. There is no mention of a weight loss diet associated with the program. The Metamorphosis workout is based on body type. There are our body types listed on the official Tracy Anderson website – Omnicentric, Hipcentric, Absentric and Glutecentric. Omnicentric dieters gain weight all over. Hipcentric dieters gain weight in the hip and waist area. Abcentric dieters gain weight around the midsection and glutecentric dieters gain weight in the bottom area. Dieters choose which body type they are and then order the workout series that fits that body type. There are several celebrity quotes from actors who use the Tracy Anderson method to lose weight and tone the body.

Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson sells for $89.97. Other DVDs are available for individual sale from the Perfect Design series, Dance Cardio, Mat workouts and post-Pregnancy workouts. Most sell for around $30.

A quick image search for Tracy Anderson results in hundreds of pictures of celebrities and Anderson. The personal trainer has been linked to Madonna, Nicole Ritchie and Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow even shot a video supporting the workouts of Tracy Anderson. There are no overweight celebrities linked to the program. According to some reviews, the Tracy Anderson Method is difficult to follow and may be more advanced than some beginners can complete.

The DVDs are more expensive than comparable workout programs.

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  • Complete bio and description of Tracy Anderson is available on an official website.
  • Celebrities turn to Tracy Anderson for workouts, toning and weight loss.
  • Workouts are customized to body shape.
  • Free music playlist on the official website.


  • DVDs are more expensive than comparable workout programs.
  • May be too difficult for a beginner.


Tracy Anderson has roots in the celebrity worlds of New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons. Her DVD series is expensive and could be too difficult for many beginners. There are no reviews from overweight followers.

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